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Caring for Aging Smiles

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You may be worried for a loved one who’s going through the aging process. Or perhaps you’re concerned about what the future holds for you, personally.

Either way, the following tips can help ensure a strong, comfortable, and confident smile for years to come. It’s never too late to improve oral hygiene!

Adjust To Mobility Limitations

Conditions like arthritis and Parkinson’s can affect someone’s ability to keep their teeth clean. If you or a loved one suffer from limited mobility, consider switching to a toothbrush with a larger handle for easy grasp. Powered toothbrushes are ideal in this case.

Be Careful With Dentures

Just because dentures replace teeth doesn’t make them any less important. They should be handled with care, cleaned daily, and soaked often. A clean denture is a healthier one. These principles also apply to partial dentures and other appliances that could irritate the mouth.

Be Aware Of Changes In Your Mouth

Medications and just the factor of aging itself can affect the oral environment in surprising ways. Some common problems include:

  • Fungal infections (especially with a denture)
  • Dry mouth
  • Gum recession
  • Sensitive teeth

While these problems may be hard to avoid, there’s still something you can do. Good hygiene is critical to strengthening teeth. Your dentist will have suggestions for products and devices that make oral hygiene easy.

Most importantly, be reasonable in your expectations. Some age-related changes might make it harder to clean teeth. Focus on keeping yourself (or your loved one) comfortable and healthy.

Let your dentist help preserve you and your family’s smiles despite the challenges of aging. Contact your local dental office to schedule a visit.

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