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What is an Air Abrasion?

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An air abrasion is a newer dental technique for cleaning out small cavities in a tooth, to prepare for a filling. Like a mini-sandblaster, an air abrasion tip sprays tiny particles on the tooth surface to clean out the cavity. A filling is placed once the small amount of decay is removed.

In the past, dentists would always need to use a drill and sometimes numbed the tooth for filling procedures. With this modern technology, an air abrasion can be used on some cavities without a loud drill or an injection!

What are some advantages of an air abrasion?

  • In most cases, there is no need to be numb your mouth during this treatment.
  • This process is quicker and easier than traditional fillings.
  • Minimally invasive and less tooth structure is removed than regular filling procedure.
  • Since you will likely not be numb, your dentist can treat many teeth at one appointment
  • A more quiet technique.

Who would be a good candidate for this procedure?

Patients can benefit from an air abrasion if they are afraid of the dental drill, are young children, or if they have small cavities. If you visit your dentist for regular dental cleanings and checkups, they will be able to detect early cavities which might allow you to utilize the air abrasion technique.

Would you like to try an air abrasion?

Call your dentist and ask if they offer air abrasions at their practice. If they do, you can schedule an exam to have your teeth checked for early cavities. Your dentist will let you know whether or not an air abrasion is right for you.

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Air Abrasion Dentistry

Posted in Fillings

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to avoid the annoying whine of the drill when going to the dentist?  The good news is that now there is a way to do this.

This new technique is called air abrasion, and is used to help resurface and clean out smaller cavities in a person’s mouth. Air abrasion uses a stream of high-powered air to help clean and reshape teeth in preparation for placement of dental fillings, and is ideal for someone who is afraid of the dentist, who does not like the sound of the drill, or who is sensitive to sounds. Air abrasion is quieter, reducing anxiety in many patients, and is ideal for smaller cavities.

Unfortunately, air abrasion can only be used for small cavities. It cannot be used for larger cavities, or the resurfacing of a tooth that is required before a crown or cap is placed. Air abrasion is also not suitable for cavities that appear between the teeth, as the air stream is usually not small enough to provide exactness.

If you have been putting off going to the dentist because the noise or environment is a bit frightening to you, or causes you anxiety, talk to your dentist about air abrasion. You may be an ideal candidate for this procedure.

If you are not a candidate for air abrasion, your dentist will provide other options for you to have a pleasant experience. Never put off going to the dentist because of fear or anxiety.  Look for a dentist that specializes in gentle dentistry, as they know how to treat the anxiety that is common in all adults at the dentist.  After all, your teeth need to last a lifetime.  Take the steps today to make sure that they will last!

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