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Benefits of Oral Sedation

Some patients need a little “extra” something to help them relax during their dental treatment. Perhaps they have a lot of treatment that needs to be completed, a more invasive procedure, or they’re just nervous about dental work. Dentists understand this, and that’s why the use of oral sedation has become so popular in modern dental care.

Oral sedation is a “conscious” sedation. That means that although you’re sedated, you’re still able to answer simple questions or perform simple things such as sitting upright or turning your head. However, you most likely won’t remember a single thing about your appointment. Most people describe oral sedation like dreaming or taking a light nap. To achieve this level of sedation, a prescription sedative is given to the patient one hour prior to their scheduled treatment. A second dose may be given at the time of treatment, if the dentist feels it is needed. It can take a few hours for the medication to fully wear off, so large amounts of treatment can be completed in a single sitting. Not only is it easier for you as a patient, it’s also easier for the dental team! But, you will need a friend or family member to escort you to and from the dental appointment.

Patients of all ages can request oral sedation dentistry, but only a dentist that is certified in the administration of oral conscious sedation can perform the treatment. If you’re curious about oral sedation treatments for your dental care, be sure to choose a dentist that is trained and certified in the procedure. It prevent you from needing to have care completed in a surgical facility and make it convenient since the care can be completed in your regular dental office.

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Oral Sedation

If you’ve heard of “sleep dentistry” or “sedation dentistry”, most of the time that refers to implementing oral sedation into everyday dental care. Many people find that anxiety about the dentist keeps them from getting care that they know needs to be completed. Putting care off longer only complicates things more, so sedation dentistry offers patients an option that can allow them to get all of their treatment completed in one appointment while maximizing their comfort!

Oral sedation uses a prescription sedative that makes patients feel like they are in a dream-like state. In reality, they are able to still move around and can respond to very brief yes-or-no questions, but most of the time they don’t remember anything at all. This can be useful for anxious adults, uncooperative children, or patients that have special needs. The medication is taken about an hour prior to the appointment, with a 2nd dose given at the time of the treatment if necessary. It takes a few hours for the medication to run its course, so each patient will need to be escorted to and from the office by a trusted friend or loved one.

Taking advantage of oral sedation helps patients further enjoy their dental experience, and restore their oral health back to the levels it needs to be. Everyone has a different reason for requesting oral sedation, and your dentist understands that. You’ll never have to feel embarrassed about asking for sedation, or that your needs aren’t severe enough. The simplicity of oral sedation makes it a wonderful option for a wide variety of patients, further improving the level of care that your dental provider can offer.

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What if I Have Not Been to the Dentist in Years?

There are a number of reasons why people do not visit the dentist for regular preventative care.  While some people cannot afford regular dental care and others cannot make time, most do not come due to a fear of the dentist and what the dentist will find.  Often this fear of the dentist results in relatively minor dental issues becoming major dental problems over time.  Ultimately it is the pain of a neglected dental problem, which finally persuades these people to become patients at a dental office.

It is important to know that there is no need to wait, until the pain is unbearable, before visiting the dentist; no mater how long it has been!  Dentists are medical professionals and understand that some patients are very uncomfortable having any sort of dental work done.  The goal of the dentist is to first make the patient relaxed and comfortable and then to fix their dental issues, while not being judgmental on the circumstances leading up to the dental visit and the patient’s dental issues.

One of the great tools available to dentists and fearful patients alike is a variety of oral medications and gases, which will completely relax the anxious patient.  Sedation dentistry allows the patient to be completely relaxed during the procedure, which allows the dentist the ability to perform multiple procedures in a single visit.

Once the procedures are complete, the patient will be made comfortable, as they heal at home.  In most cases, patients, who have not seen a dentist in years, report that the only pain and discomfort that was experienced existed before they went to the dentist!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Hye Park


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