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What is Cosmetic Dentisty?

Having a bright, white smile not only makes you look better, it may actually help you feel better.  You will smile more, laugh more, and perhaps even be happier if you are pleased with the way your smile works.  Many of us have a few things that we would like to correct about our smiles:  perhaps are teeth have some stains, or are a little crooked.  Or maybe we have even had a life of smiles, and now that shows up as ‘smile lines’ or ‘crow’s feet’.

There are several procedures a cosmetic dentist can perform to help enhance your smile.  One of the more common enhancements is tooth whitening and brightening.  During these procedures, special lasers and agents are used to remove stains and lighten the color of your teeth to make your smile white and bright.

If you have lost teeth through the years, or had severe jaw disease or destruction, your cosmetic dentist can help rebuild the jaw bone.  Repairing and rebuilding the jaw bone will help define your jaw line, and enhance the overall appearance of your face.

Many cosmetic and aesthetic dentists now also offer Botox.  Botox is an agent designed to relax muscles, and is commonly used to help remove mild to moderate wrinkles.  Dentists may also receive special training to use Botox to help improve your smile, and may also recommend Botox injections for severe grinding of your teeth and even TMJ disorders that do not respond to other therapies.

Whatever your needs, a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry can help make your smile the best it can be.  If you are considering making your smile the best it can be, consider making an appointment with a cosmetic dentist today.

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