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Teeth Whitening Options

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Lets face it, people like great smiles, especially smiles with bright white teeth.  Years of drinking coffee, smoking and eating certain foods cause teeth to yellow, as people get older.  Now consumers have a number of options available to achieve beautiful white teeth.  There are currently three options available to make a dental patient’s teeth appear to be whiter, which include teeth whitening in the dentist’s office, whitening at home using bleaching trays and the use of “whitening” toothpaste.  The main differences between the different methods are the cost and the time to achieve the desired results.

While teeth whitening performed in a dentist’s office is typically the most expensive method available, “in-office bleaching” also produces instantaneous and often dramatic results. In this method, a gel is applied to the patient’s teeth, while a device keeps the mouth open.  A specialized light is then applied to the patient’s teeth for a period of time.  Once completed and the gel is washed off, the patient’s teeth are bright white.

The “at home bleaching” process is effective as well, however, it takes a number of applications before most patients see results.  In this process, the dental professional will create an upper and lower set of “bleaching trays, which are basically a loose fitting set of plastic mouth pieces that fit over the patient’s teeth.  The patient will apply a “whitening gel” onto the “bleaching tray” and then wear the upper and lower trays while they sleep.  In the morning, the tray is removed and the excess gel is removed.  The process is repeated on a regular basis as directed by the patient’s dentist, until the desired results are obtained.

The last method is the use of “whitening toothpaste, which can be moderately effective in the long term.  While the least expensive method, the patient will need realize that results are not immediate.  These products are available in every store that sells dental products.

Those patients desiring whiter teeth should discuss which of these alternatives are the best depending upon the patient’s needs.

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