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Holistic Dental Care

There’s more to your oral health than just your teeth. A holistic approach to dental care considers outside influences as it relates to your smile. Everything from stress, diet, medications, anatomy, and medical conditions can affect the health of your teeth. To fully address the needs of the patient, holistic dentistry offers many benefits.

You’re a person…not a set of teeth! A recent death in the family or loss in a job can cause problems like teeth clenching, grinding, TMJ problems or even headaches. Let your dentist know if you’re under more stress than normal. Temporarily using a bite splint can prevent broken restorations and worn teeth. It’s also important to update your health history as well as any medications that you’re taking. For instance, if you’re being treated for acid reflux, you’re at a high risk to develop enamel erosion due to acid exposures in your mouth. Your dentist can take steps to help prevent the impact of erosion, such as applying a fluoride varnish or giving you a prescription strength toothpaste.

No matter what concerns you have about your smile or your health, discussing them with your dentist can improve the quality of comprehensive holistic care that they are able to provide. It’s the goal of your dental care team to provide preventive, therapeutic services that minimize the number of dental treatments that you need in the future. Non-invasive therapies that address potential problems that could arise will not only make your dental care more enjoyable, they will also keep your cost of care down in the long run.

You know your body best. If you’ve noticed your oral health declining due to other health issues, let your dentist know. Regular preventive care will give you holistic dental treatment that you depend on.

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