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Relaxing at the Dentist’s Office

Have you ever heard of “white coat syndrome?” It’s an everyday occurrence for people that dislike going to the dentist or doctor. Some people even dislike having their teeth cleaned and experience anxiety or elevated blood pressure when they’re sitting back in the treatment chair. Here are some tips on helping you feel at home and more comfortable during your dental care, creating a positive experience that you can enjoy.

Bring your headphones and favorite playlist.

Music is an excellent distraction during dental procedures. Having a favorite compilation of songs that you can turn on and turn up will help you tune out any noises that make you feel anxious during treatments.  

Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to your wrists.

Lavender is soothing and creates a sense of relaxation. Just a couple of drops rubbed into the skin can feel calming and sooth as aromatherapy as well. 

Dress comfortably, or even ask for a blanket.

If you’re too hot or too cold, you won’t be comfortable. Dress in layers so that outer layers can be taken off or even draped over you if you desire. Some dental offices also keep a blanket on hand so that patients can warm up if they need to. 

Ask for nitrous oxide (laughing gas.)

Nitrous oxide is typically available for any dental procedure, for any patient. It’s easy to administer and provides calming effects in just a few minutes.

Dental teams know that a dental office isn’t the most relaxing place on earth, but they want their patients to be comfortable. The best way to do this is by patients letting them know what they need. Rather than avoiding the dentist, let them know what they can do to help you feel at ease while you’re there.

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Relaxing During Your Dental Appointment

Believe it or not, it is possible to relax during a dental appointment. Although some people experience anxiety related to their dental care, many patients find it to be a nice, quite time that they can sit back and take a rest while their care is being performed. Although not everyone feels that way, there are a few techniques you can use to help enjoy your dental experience even further. Some offices will provide amenities like the ones mentioned below, but feel free to bring your own to your next appointment!

Listen to music.

A good set of headphones and your favorite playlist can help you tune out the sounds of dental equipment or background clinical noise. Your dental office may have their own iPods to borrow upon request. These days most people have music on their phone, so just remember to bring your ear buds and plug them in when you arrive. 

Bring a warm blanket and dress comfortably.

There’s nothing wrong with cuddling up in a warm blanket and loose clothing when you’re reclined for an hour or so. Clinical rooms can often seem cold and sterile to patients, so bringing something to keep you warm is fine! 

Implement essential oils or aromatherapy.

Just a dot or two of lavender oil can work wonders. Rubbing it on the wrists, or placing a light cloth over the eyes that has had a drop of oil on it can ease the nerves. 

Wear sunglasses or an eye mask.

The bright lights in a clinical environment can irritate sensitive eyes or cause people’s eyes to water. Bring some dark sunglasses, an eye mask, or ask your dental provider if you can borrow theirs. 

There’s always laughing gas.

When all else fails, there’s always nitrous oxide. Laughing gas is easy to use, has a quick onset time, and leaves a person’s system in just a few minutes, making it fine for you to drive yourself home.

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