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Foods to Avoid When You Have Traditional Braces

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Orthodontics can completely change the way your smile looks, increasing dental health, boosting self-confidence, and changing the way other people look at you. However, traditional braces do require a bit of extra attention since you’re wearing them for an extended period of time. One of the important factors to keep in mind is the type of food that you should avoid. Eating the wrong foods when you’re wearing traditional braces can cause brackets to fall off or appliances to break.

Acidic foods like lemons for example, can loosen the cement, which bonds your bracket to the tooth. Drinking acidic drinks like soda from time to time should be done through a straw, to prevent excess acid levels directly on the orthodontic appliances.

Sticky foods, which typically include candies like taffy, bubble gum, or caramel, can literally pull your orthodontic appliances directly off of your teeth (including some dental restorations.) Look for substitutes to these items to curb your cravings for sweet, sticky treats.

Harder items like nuts, jerky, apples or corn on the cob may also break your orthodontics. Try cutting your food up into small pieces (apples, carrots, or meat), cooking them until they are very tender, or simply avoiding them.

If you’ve had an appliance slip out of place or break due to something you’ve eaten, it’s important to get in touch with your orthodontic provider or dentist within a day or two to have it corrected. Waiting too long to repair a broken bracket can cause teeth to move irregularly or cause injury. Being careless with your treatment will only cause it to last longer than it originally should have, and may incur costs related to repeatedly replacing equipment.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Brett Gluck, DMD, MS, PC


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