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Are You “Tongue-Tied?”

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Many of us occasionally wind up in situations where we just don’t know what to say. This is where we get the metaphoric term “tongue-tied.” But did you know that some people actually do have tongues that are literally tied down?

What It Means to Be Tongue-Tied

The thin piece of skin that attaches your tongue to the floor of your mouth is called a frenulum. There are also frenula (the plural of frenulum) which attach the base of your lips to your gums.

Some people are born with a very short frenulum under their tongue. This secures the tongue close to the floor of the mouth in a condition known as ankyloglossia.

Tongue-Tied Problems

Having a slightly shorter-than-average frenulum isn’t usually a big problem. It may keep someone from being able to stick out their tongue out very far.

But ankyloglossia can cause serious trouble with eating, speaking, and even oral hygiene.

The resulting complications can sometimes lead to social anxiety because of atypical speech patterns. Babies with tongue ties may find it difficult to nurse. Ankyloglossia isn’t always a serious medical problem, but it can affect individuals differently.

How to Fix a Short Frenulum

Whether you are someone just now looking to do something about your tongue-tie or the worried parent of a new baby with ankyloglossia, there is hope.

A simple minimal procedure to snip the skin is all it takes to free a tied tongue.

Your dentist can safely trim, snip, or treat the frenula with a laser. This procedure is minimally invasive, fast, and allows the patient to recover quickly with minimal discomfort. To learn more, call a dental professional near you.

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