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Speeding Up Your Orthodontic Treatment

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Wearing braces takes a big personal commitment. Not only are you going to wear your appliances for several months, but also you have to spend a little more attention keeping your teeth as healthy as possible. Because orthodontics requires a little extra care, most patients ask, “how can I get my treatment to speed up?” or “what can I do to not have to wear my braces for so long?”

Of course there are several typical things you can do to help your treatment go along as efficient as possible. Keeping up with your follow up appointments allows any necessary changes in bands, wires or appliances that are needed before your treatment can advance to the next step. Wearing your appliances or rubber bands as prescribed, will ensure that the movement of your teeth happens as quick as your provider would hope. Neglecting to wear them will only slow down your treatment.

There are also alternative measures you can take that will speed up your treatment and dramatically reduce your overall time spent in braces. The most recent advancement in this area is AcceleDent. AcceleDent is an FDA approved appliance that is proven to reduce your time in braces by as much as 50%. The hands-free device is used once each day for 20 minutes, and is easily held in place by your teeth. The AcceleDent works by sending small vibrations into the teeth and bone, which stimulates bone remodeling at a quicker than normal pace. This allows the teeth to move in a shorter amount of time, in a safe and effective manner.

If you’ve been looking for a way to speed up your orthodontic treatment, ask your dentist about AcceleDent!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Brett Gluck


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