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Orthodontics, such as traditional metal braces and the Invisalign® system, are a wonderful tool that has helped millions of people of all age groups for years.  The only downside of orthodontics is the amount of time that the patient must wear them as the orthodontics work to move the patient’s teeth.  Now there is a specialized product that is available thru Orthodontists, which can reduce the amount of time required for a patient’s orthodontics to move their teeth.

The Accele-Dent® Aura is a product that first came onto the market in 2009 and in clinically proven to make teeth move 50% faster when used in conjunction with existing orthodontics.  Since the teeth move faster, the orthodontic treatment is more comfortable, which is a big benefit that thousands on people have noticed.  Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Accele-Dent® Aura fits over existing orthodontics and works by delivering precise, calibrated micro-pulses to the patient’s teeth, as well as to the surrounding bone and tissue, which accelerates the movement of the patient’s teeth, as they are guided by the patient’s orthodontics.  The device fits over either the patient’s existing traditional metal braces or the Invisalign® system and only needs to be worn for 20 minutes per day to be effective.

Patient’s with orthodontics should speak to their Orthodontist to see if the Accele-Dent® Aura system fits in with their treatment.  If it does, it will be possible to reduce the amount of time the patient needs t wear their orthodontics and there is no downside to that!

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A revolutionary technological device is reducing the treatment time of orthodontic patients by as much as 50%! AcceleDent is an FDA approved device that helps patient’s teeth respond quicker to the guidance of their braces, increasing the speed at which the tooth movement can occur. Acceledent was first presented to providers in 2009 and is gaining increased popularity across the United States.

Surprisingly, Acceledent is very comfortable and works in just a few minutes a day. The activator is shaped so that it can be bitten comfortably while also fitting over your braces. The device sends calibrated micro pulses through the mouthpiece, resulting in gentle vibrations through your teeth. These pulses encourage faster bone remodeling, part of the normal process that orthodontics is based on. Instead of slower bone formation in new places, AcceleDent stimulates the bone so that it remodels even faster. At peak performance, the AcceleDent can cut treatment times in half!

For best results, wear the Acceledent device 20 minutes once a day. It’s lightweight and can be used hands-free during a TV show or while you’re reading a book. All types of braces can be used with the orthodontic accelerating device, including normal brackets, invisible alignment trays, tooth colored brackets and lingual braces.

If you’ve put off orthodontic treatment because you’re intimidated by the time commitment, ask your orthodontist about AcceleDent. Because the time commitment for Acceledent only requires a short time each day, most people find that the device is an irreplaceable part of their comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Most patients can expect their treatment times to be shortened by as many as 5 months when they use Acceledent.

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