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3D Cadent Dental Scanners

How would you like it if you never had to take a gooey, messy dental impression ever again? With the Cadent 3D scanner, that’s what will happen! The virtual scanning device allows an electronic digital impression to be made of your teeth, eliminating the need for traditional dental impressions. Dentists and orthodontists use the 3D scanner to treatment plan, design restorative treatments, or have orthodontic appliances made.

Advanced technology makes the virtual impression so accurate, that necessary remakes of restorations such as crowns are essentially unheard of. Treatments like invisible braces, dental crowns and veneers that use 3D impressions fit much more accurate than those made from traditional impression material. That’s because there are no changes such as shrinkage or errors in model and impression material occur when a virtual scan is taken. Restorations designed using a virtual impression are guaranteed to have a perfect fit during the first try in.

In just a few minutes, virtual scans can be taken and imported to electronic treatment planning software, or transferred to dental laboratories. These advancements allow patients to see what their treatment will look like before it is ever completed. On-screen visualization allows your dentist to see what adjustments may be needed and take an accurate reading during your time of treatment. This improves the quality and fit of your final dental appliance.

Some offices even offer same-day in-office dental crowns, thanks to advanced technology that can make a crown in just a short amount of time based off of the digital scan. Patients can shorten their treatment visits from two to one, having a properly fitted crown placed on the day of their first appointment.

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