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Caring For Your Dentures

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Just like your natural teeth, your dentures or other types of oral prosthetics need to be cared for as well. These devices go into your mouth daily, and have the potential for bacteria buildup and tartar the same as the rest of your mouth is. Caring for them properly will keep them fitting better, cleaner, and reduce the risk of infections in your mouth.

Here are some tips to keep your dentures and your mouth healthy:

Remove them every evening and soak them overnight.

Not taking your dentures out at night places unnecessary pressure on the gum tissueand bone in your mouth. This can cause bone levels to be lost quicker than normal, resulting in an ill-fitting prosthesis. It’s also important for your oral tissues to have a chance to air out and not be covered by the acrylic. Prolonged wear can also cause fungal infections or raw tissues under your denture. Soak them in a glass of water with a cleansing tablet to help loosen any debris.  

Brush your dentures with a separate brush than the one you use for your gums or other teeth.

Sometimes brushing your prosthesis can cause extra wear on your toothbrush bristles, which in turn would cause them to be more abrasive on your teeth or gums. Use a denture brush to clean your dentures after you remove them from the overnight soaking solution, and use a soft bristled brush to clean your gums and any other teeth. 

Don’t forget to bring them with you to your dental appointments so that they can be cleaned and checked for their fit. Your dentures need a check-up too!

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Dentca Dentures

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Dentca Dentures are the latest advancement in denture therapy. No longer do patients have to wait for weeks to have their dentures made, they can now have them made faster than ever. Traditional visits take as many as 5 dental appointments, taking hours away from your busy schedule. Dentca dentures can be created in just 2 appointments. After your initial visit, your custom fitted Dentca Dentures are usually ready for delivery within about 10 days.

Dentca Dentures use CAD/CAM technology, a state of the art 3D imaging software that allows dentists to take virtual impressions in the patient’s mouth and create permanent appliances that are precise and high quality. This imaging software allows the computer to create a virtual denture of what the prosthesis will look like, including the gumlines.

By using advanced imaging technology, Dentca takes the human error and labor time out of creating a custom fitting denture prosthesis. The image can be edited for custom appearance of color and gum contour, in order to match the patient’s pigmentation and shade preferences. Patients are an active part of this process as they relay to their dentist what characteristics are important to them. This image is then transferred to Dentca laboratories where it is made and returned to your dentist as a final denture within around 8-12 business days.

The final results from a digitally designed denture is one that fits accurately as possible, prevents impression imperfections that can affect the fit, and shorten delivery time. Patients that have had a hard time with denture fit and appearance will benefit from Dentca Dentures. Denta dentures are extremely comfortable and look great.


Dentca CAD/CAM Denture Systems

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Dentures are removable, custom-made dental appliances used to replace missing teeth with artificial ones. Traditional dentures are made by hand in a laboratory using a plaster mould of the patient’s teeth. Traditionally, the fabrication phase for dentures has required patients to make several visits to the dentist―up to five visits over the course of one to two months. These visits are necessary because adjustments have to be made to the denture plate to achieve proper shape, size, and alignment. Even so, during the waiting period, a patient’s gums can change, so that even the final dentures may not fit perfectly. Also, because the dentures are made by hand, the fit can vary depending on the skill of the dental technician.

Nowadays, some dental practices still use dentures that are made this way, but new advances in the manufacturing of dentures have made it possible for people to get their dentures faster and also, to enjoy more comfortably-fitting dentures. One such denture is the Dentca computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) denture systems.

Dentca dentures are like traditional dentures in every way except for the way in which they are manufactured. Once the initial wax impression is taken using the patented 3D-ready trays, computerized 3D modeling and computer-assisted production techniques are used to design and create dentures that have a superior fit compared to conventional dentures. With Dentca, only two visits to the dentist are required and patients receive their dentures in about ten days, a drastically reduced waiting time compared to the waiting time for traditional dentures.

Dentca dentures makes getting dentures easier, improving patient satisfaction. They are optimized for weight and comfort, and can be customized for stippling, gum shade, and detailing.

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