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Your First Visit Back to the Dentist

Your first visit back to the dentist after a hiatus can be like experiencing the dentist for the first time all over again. So many things have changed with dental technology that care has become more advanced and thorough for the modern dental patient.

After completing a comprehensive health history screening, the dentist will have routine x-rays taken to screen for an existing conditions. Many offices are beginning to use digital x-ray technology, which allows the image to immediately be seen on a nearby computer screen, greatly reducing the time previously needed for x-rays.

During your screening, your gums health and bone levels will be addressed to determine if you have any gum disease. Your teeth will also be examined to check the health of existing restorations or areas that may require any treatment. A laser device may be used to identify weaker areas of tooth enamel that should be watched. At this time let your dentist know if you’re wanting to improve any aesthetics or have concerns about specific teeth.

Your dentist or hygienist will also perform an oral cancer screening as well as a head and neck screening. Some oral cancer screenings are accompanied by an special rinse and light to identify precancerous lesions. Lymph nodes will be palpated to find any irregularities.

As long as your dental health checks out ok, you will also have your teeth cleaned while the office manager works up any necessary treatment plans under direction of the dentist. Most of all, your first visit back to the dentist should be a time where you can ask any questions you like to get your oral health back on track!

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