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What Is A Full Mouth Restoration?

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A full mouth restoration is a series of several cosmetic dental procedures, which restore a patient’s overall dental health, as well as the appearance of their smiles.  In some cases the full mouth reconstruction will also correct a number of functional problems, which impacts the patient’s ability to speak clearly and chew their food properly.  In most cases the restoration takes place over a series of dental visits depending upon the amount of work required.

The first step in a full mouth restoration is for the dentist to perform a full dental exam, including dental x-rays to determine the work that is required.  Next, the dentist will outline a comprehensive treatment plan and “phase” the treatments as required.  In most cases, the dentist will perform the procedures to correct the problems, which are impacting the patient’s dental and overall health first, followed by the more cosmetic procedures.

Examples of the initial procedures would include filling of cavities, treatment of periodontal disease, root canals and crowns and in some instances, extractions.  Cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, crowns, dental bridges, dental implants and veneers.  In many cases it is possible for the dentist to perform multiple procedures in a single visit, depending upon the procedure and the ability of the patient to tolerate multiple procedures.  Often dentists will recommend sedation if multiple procedures are to take place, as it keeps the patient calm, relaxed and comfortable for longer periods of time.

While a full mouth restoration may take months to complete, the patient will see immediate improvement to their dental and overall health and will be amazed how quickly their smile is transformed!

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