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A Great Denture Fit

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Is a great fitting denture something that only happens in your dreams? Do you constantly find yourself using adhesives or pastes to help hold your prosthesis in place? You may not know it, but a properly fitting denture should never require the use of adhesives! Believe it or not, if your denture is designed properly, the suction created between your prosthesis and your mouth is enough to hold it securely into place.

In some cases, dentures can be relined in order to recreate a custom fit. Other times, there may be significant bone resorption (loss) that does not allow the denture to sit properly in the mouth, causing it to rock back and forth. Bone resorption can be amplified if you wear your denture overnight. Wearing it when you sleep does not allow your bone structure to rest, and the excess pressure may cause it to back away more prematurely than normal aging would. Instead, sleep without your denture and let it soak in a cleaning solution overnight.

For some patients, implant supported dentures can provide an even more secure fit than anything achievable with traditional braces. Implant supported dentures are usually mounted on 4 implants, snapping them into place or holding them there permanently.

If your dentures are old and don’t fit correctly, you owe it to yourself to have a prosthesis that you can eat and speak comfortably with. Ask your dentist to check the fit on your current denture to determine what adjustments can be made, or if a new appliance is your best option.

Posted on behalf of David Kurtzman


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