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Dental Care in One Day

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As time goes on, more and more advances are being made to make dental procedures more efficient. One of the more recent developments is the ability to make crowns, veneers, and other types of dental restorations right in your dentists office while you wait. Even 5 years ago, some procedures such as having a crown placed could take up to three appointments. Now those same procedures can be done in one appointment. This saves patients and doctor’s time.

Because of virtual 3D imaging technology and high-tech CAD/CAM machines, dentists have equipment that is on locations to create the crown right there while you wait. No longer does the dentist have to wait for the crown to be fabricated in an off-site lab. Basically, as a patient you can go in to the office, have impressions and have the crown created and then put directly in.

With one day crowns, even though your appointment time may be a little longer, you only have a single appointment versus two or even three. And even better, you will leave with the procedure completely done!

Also, the margin for error is much smaller. You can be confident by having the whole procedure done on the same day helps make it a more successful procedure. Many times in the past when impressions were done and sent off, there could be fit problems with the crown once it was created. The great thing about an all in one appointment, is if anything feels off – your dentist can make adjustments right then.

Check with your local dental office for more information on dental care in one day.

Posted of the behalf of Justin Scott


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