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Is This Going To Hurt?

This is the most popular question that patient’s ask their dentists before any dental procedure.  In short, the answer is generally no!  In a vast majority of cases, the painful part occurred before the procedure was done and it was that pain that drove the patient to the dentist in the first place.  The dental team is committed to their patient’s comfort before, during and after the procedure.

Often people are uncomfortable before a dental procedure, because they do not understand all aspects of the procedure.  An experienced dentist will be able to explain layman’s terms what is going to happen during the procedure, which eliminates the fear of the unknown.

During the actual procedure, the dentist and the dental team will discus various local anesthetics that will be used.  Even if a local injection is given into the gum to numb the area, the dentist will first apply a topical anesthetic at the injection site to numb the surface of the gum prior to the injection.  In some cases, anxious patients will be given the option of oral conscious sedation, where a combination of oral drugs and gases, leave the patient semi-conscious during the procedure. Sedation also gives the dentist the ability to perform multiple procedures in one visit.

Once the procedure is complete, the patient will be sent home with a prescription for painkillers, if necessary, depending upon the procedure performed.  On complex procedures, the dentist will follow up with the patient via phone to make sure they are not experiencing any discomfort.  The dental team is committed to making any dentist visit or dental procedure as comfortable as possible!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Omar Damji, Executive Park Dentistry


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