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A Snap on Smile

There are lots of cosmetic smile treatments available, but finding the one that is just right for you may be a challenge. One not-so-well-known approach that is both economical and successful at improving the appearance of a person’s smile is the “Snap on Smile.” Snap on Smiles actually goes over your natural teeth to create the appearance of perfectly beautiful, straight, white teeth.

Because Snap on Smiles are placed over your teeth, they can be worn when or wherever you like. They require no tooth alteration or invasive treatments, because they fit right over teeth no matter how your other teeth look. Results are fast, because there’s no need for multiple treatment appointments. All you’ll need to do is have an impression made of your mouth, which is then used to create models of your existing teeth so that the Snap on Smile can be custom designed to look as natural as possible. You’ll even be able to specify what shade of teeth you would like to have! There’s no whitening, no braces, no fillings or bondings, but just a quick solution to improving esthetic concerns.

Taking care of a Snap on Smile is easy. Simply remove the appliance and brush it with a normal toothbrush. Soak it overnight with a denture tablet to help loosen any residue before brushing it again in the morning.

Snap on Smiles can be used on patients of all ages. They make great solutions for patients who have important life events and want to look their best, without a big investment in other types of dental treatments or therapies.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Byron Scott, Springhill Dental Health Center


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