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Teeth whitening trays are probably the most effective manner of at-home teeth whitening available to dental patients. While many over the counter treatments are available, custom fabricated whitening trays significantly produce better results, especially because they are used with professional strength gel.

Professional teeth whitening trays are made by your dentist, and fit perfectly around each of your individual teeth, protecting from gel spillage or exposure to your gums – both of which are common in over the counter whitening kits. Because the gel is held perfectly in place against all tooth surfaces, it allows for evenly colored, optimal whitening. Over the counter whitening trays are made to fit various mouth sizes and do not hold the gel in place against the entire tooth surface, which can cause uneven tooth whitening and chemical burns on your gums.

To make the trays your dentist or dental assistant will make an impression of your teeth. This impression is then used to make a model of your mouth. A heat/suction machine that forces the plastic around all of the model surfaces makes a plastic appliance similar to a retainer. After hardening the model is trimmed and you are shown how to apply the gel into the model.

Most whitening trays require using them for an hour a day, for up to 2 weeks during your first whitening experience. Maintenance whitening typically only needs to be done for a few days every several months. The more frequently you drink coffee, tea or smoke cigarettes the more often you may need to whiten your teeth.

Whitening trays are more affordable than laser whitening, but the investment is less. Compared to over the counter products, professional whitening trays produce significantly better results in tooth color.

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