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Teeth Whitening For Life!

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Over time most people’s teeth begin to show signs of staining as a result of the things that they eat and drink.  As a result, teeth-whitening or dental bleaching has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures performed in the United States.  Traditionally people have been offered two solutions to have their teeth bleached which restores the natural whiteness to a person’s teeth. The first is teeth whitening in the dentist’s office and the second option is at home dental bleaching.   Now select dentists are providing a third option, which provides teeth whitening for life!

The teeth whitening for life method combines “dental office bleaching” with “at home bleaching”.  The patient will initially have their teeth beached in the dentist’s office using a special gel that is applied to the patient’s teeth and then a light applied to the gel on the teeth for approximately 30   minutes.  This treatment, which utilizes a special gel that maximizes whiteness without making the patient’s teeth sensitive, provides instantaneous results.

The second phase of this method involves the use of at home bleaching trays.  The trays, which are fitted to the patient’s upper and lower teeth and are filled with a whitening gel.  The trays are left in place overnight at regular intervals to maintain the whiteness of the patient’s teeth.  The best way to look at this method is that the dental office bleaching is the main treatment, while the in house treatment is a maintenance plan that maintains the whiteness of the teeth for life!

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