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What is the Atlas Denture Comfort Procedure?

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Are you dentures loose, or causing you pain or sores in your mouth?  If so, you may benefit from the Atlas Denture Comfort procedure.

Your dentures helped restore many things in your life:  Your ability to smile, ease in eating, probably even being able to communicate better.  But as your dentures have gotten older, or as you have aged, you may have noticed that your dentures are loose, or simply do not fit as well as they used to.

In cases like these, the comfort procedure is a good option for you.  In about an hour, your dentist can have your dentures fitting and feeling like new again!

The denture comfort procedure works by fitting your denture bridge with a soft and flexible silicone substance.  This substance provides padding and cushioning to your gum line.  Then, your dentist will implant tiny rods or pins to allow the denture to attach to your gum line.  The end result is a comfortable denture that is less expensive than dental implants.  Healing time is minimal, and most patients will leave the office with their dentures in and never remove them again!

After the denture comfort procedure, your dentures will be attached by tiny rods and pins to your gum line.  Your dentures can then stay in place all the time, even at night.  There are no stitches required and your gum line is never cut open.  This makes the risk for infection much lower, and the healing time much faster.

If you have loose or poor-fitting dentures, contact your local dentist today to see if the denture comfort procedure is an option for you.

Posted on behalf of Dr. David Kurtzman


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