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Acid Erosion of the Teeth

Acid erosion of the teeth is a serious condition that causes permanent damage to your tooth enamel. Severe erosion of the teeth can weaken the tooth and cause sensitivity, or make it more likely to develop decay in addition to causing a severe aesthetic impact.

People who commonly suffer from acid erosion of tooth enamel include people with:

•           GERD (acid reflux disease)

•           Chronic heartburn

•           Bulimia

•           High frequency consumption of acidic drinks (soda, lemonade, etc.)

As the acids from your food or those that regurgitate into the mouth come into contact with your teeth, the tooth enamel becomes etched and erodes away over time. The erosion can occur on the cusps of the teeth, around older restorations, between the teeth and on smooth tooth surfaces. If the cause of the erosion is not addressed, teeth will eventually weaken, break down, become sensitive or decay.

If you are undergoing treatment for conditions like GERD, bulimia or heartburn, you can also choose to use a supplemental fluoride treatment to help remineralize tooth enamel each day. It’s best to avoid overzealous brushing, as this can cause the acid to be spread throughout the mouth. Instead, choose to rinse your mouth frequently throughout the day with water or a fluoride rinse. Don’t let your condition go untreated, see your medical professional in a timely manner as these conditions can cause other systemic problems that don’t affect your teeth at all.

Acidic drinks are a major factor in tooth decay. Even diet sodas and natural juices can cause enamel decalcification. Instead, choose to drink more water, which is also a natural lubricant to wash away acid.

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