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In Office Teeth Bleaching

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“In-office” dental teeth bleaching is a highly effective method to return a patient’s teeth to their natural white condition, even after years of exposure to items that stain them including coffee drinking, smoking and eating of certain types of foods.  Typically done in a dentist’s office, which has the specialized equipment required, the desired results are typically seen in a single visit.  While it can be more exensive than over the counter teeth whitening, the results are typically the best of the current methods that are available.

The process is pretty straight forward, with the patient being placed in a reclining dental chair.  The dentist will use a specialized tool that will keep the patient’s mouth open during the procedure.  In addition, the gums and other soft tissues are protected using a rubber shield.  Once this is in place, the dentist will apply a bleaching gel to the patient’s teeth.  A “blue” dental light is then used for a specified amount of time during the process to enhance the bleaching process.  The amount of time that is patient is required to stay still while the “blue” dental light is applied can be as long as 45 minutes, so patient’s may want to bring their ipod to listen to music during the process!

Once complete and the gel is washed off, the results can be dramatic.  In some cases patients may feel that their teeth are sensitive to hot and cold for several days.  The dentist may also recommend that certain stain causing foods and beverages be avoided for a certain amount of time in order to avoid re-staining of the teeth.  Consult with your dentist to see if “in-office” dental bleaching or teeth whitening is a viable alternative to creating your new great white smile!

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