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Is It True That Braces Damage Your Teeth?

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There is a lot of misinformation regarding orthodontic treatment. It’s news you hear from your next-door neighbor and stuff you read online.

If your dentist told you that you need braces, you might not be sure who to believe.

These facts may help you make a decision:

How Braces Affect Enamel

It’s a myth that the brackets cause your teeth to lose enamel. Rather, the cement is carefully popped off with special tools. Any remaining residue is gently buffed away with a low-power handpiece.

“White spots” only show up when plaque is left around the braces for a long time. You can avoid this simply by brushing well.

Do Braces Cause Gum Recession?

Sometimes, gums do recede near brackets, but this is also limited if your brackets are kept clean. Plaque-infested braces will irritate the gums.

What About Shortened Tooth Roots?

Shortened tooth roots do happen. However, this problem is not as severe as it sounds. Teeth can generally afford to lose a tiny bit of root structure at the tip and still work just fine. You’d never feel it!

Braces take advantage of a very natural process to move teeth. Your orthodontist will encourage tooth movement at a safe rate and regularly check your teeth on x-rays for signs of root resorption. If there’s anything suspicious, you’ll get a break from treatment.

In summary, there are no unpredictable risks of orthodontic treatment. Everything can be carefully monitored and managed, and you play a big role personally in preventing problems. The benefits of braces far outweigh the minor downsides.

To get a more complete picture of orthodontic treatment, schedule a visit with your local dentist or orthodontist.

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