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Braces or Implants – Which Come First?

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Between whitening and crowns, braces and implants, creating the smile of your dreams might seem more complicated than you imagined.

It’s not impossible, however! When it comes to closing up gaps in your smile, braces and implant therapy are important. But which should come first?

What Implants Are For

Dental implants act similarly to a natural tooth root. This metal screw fuses tightly with the bone and provides a strong anchor for a crown, bridge, or denture. Implants can take several months to heal.

How Braces Work

Braces are metal brackets and a wire which runs all around the arch of your mouth. As the wire is gradually tightened, your teeth will slowly move through the bone into proper position.

This is a very natural process and your bone heals up just fine after natural teeth move. But as dental implants are fixed, moving them could cause permanent damage to the bone.

Do You Need Braces Or Implants First?

You have to factor in the unique needs of your smile. At this point, it’s usually not a good idea to put brackets on an implant restoration.

But there are a couple exceptions!

Example #1: To encourage proper tooth movement in a complicated case, some orthodontists will use implants as an anchor to guide the rest of the teeth.

Example #2: Orthodontic treatment may only be necessary on front teeth. In this case, an implant in the back of your mouth shouldn’t be bothered by the action going on out front.

Whatever your situation, you’ll need the opinions of your dentist and even an orthodontist, moving forward. Call your local dental office today for a personalized smile evaluation.

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