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Can I Still Get Braces If I Have a Missing Tooth?

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Yes, and not only is it just possible, but right now might be the best time for you to get braces.

How so? 

Teeth On The Move

Your teeth don’t like to stay put for too long. If a tooth goes missing, it’s neighbor tends to move forward in an attempt to fill the space.

The same is true if there’s an empty space right above or below a tooth.

Interesting though this process is, it creates a slew of problems for your mouth. When teeth are tipped out of line or crowded, they become prime candidates for gum disease and tooth decay.

Braces can get your teeth straightened out so that you can more easily keep them clean and healthy.

Filling In The Gap

Now that your teeth are all in tidy order once again, how will you replace the missing tooth or teeth?

Most folks’ options for replacing missing teeth fall into three basic categories:

Whichever solution you pick, your teeth have to be straightened first for it to work. In fact, it would be pointless to try wearing braces while you have any of those tooth replacements in your mouth.

Never Too Late For Braces!

Given all the good that comes of straightening out tooth alignment, it’s clear that anyone stands to benefit from braces. No matter your age, if you want to properly fill in a gap in your smile, orthodontic treatment can help.

Talk with your dentist about your smile goals. He or she will explain exactly what steps are necessary to get you there and whether braces can play a role.

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