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Ways to Improve Your Smile At Home

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While many people associate methods of improving their smiles with metal braces and unsightly headgear, there are five simple methods you can do at home starting today to bring forth your best smile.

Brush your teeth. Dentists recommend that everyone should brush his/her teeth at least twice a day. For extra care, it is recommended that brushing should be done after every meal. Taking care of removing food from the crevices of your teeth goes a long way in preventing tooth decay.

Floss your teeth. Most dentists agree that flossing is even more important than brushing. What?!? Yes, flossing is what removes the build up of damaging plaque from your tooth and gum line. Plaque build up is what ultimately leads to most dental diseases. While flossing is a habit that must be established, it is one of the most beneficial habits a person can have. Don’t get lazy. While flossing may take more effort than brushing, the positive effects are astonishing. (Not to mention it will make your next  trip to your Canton dentists for a dental cleaning easier than ever!)

Use whitening strips. Whitening strips are very effective at removing surface stains from your teeth. Since they are available over the counter, anyone can use them. Put them on after your morning brushing, wear them in to your way to work, and remove them once you arrive. Whitening strips will go far to make your pearly whites sparkle.

Do not smoke. Smoking can not only cause oral cancer, but smoking also stains your teeth severely. From a dark yellow hue to brown spots on the inside and outside of your teeth, smoking will interfere with a bright smile. Smoking is also a leading cause of tooth loss, and a smile is not complete when holes are present. Make the decision today for your smile and your overall health to kick the habit.

Cut out sugar. Sugar acts like an acid dissolving the enamel on teeth. The naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth use sugar to multiply themselves, thus covering the teeth. Over time this bacteria will turn into damaging plaque that eats away at the enamel of your teeth. By cutting out excess sugar from your diet, your entire health will benefit.

It is entirely realistic to improve your smile at home without any extra cost. These five steps are simple and will benefit your smile for years to come. Start today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Scott Merritt, BridgeMill Dentistry


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