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Non-Invasive Tissue Recontouring

Does excess gum tissue make your smile appear gummy, uneven, or interfere with your dental treatment? Gingival recontouring has always been an effective treatment to create even gum tissue, remove excessive gingiva, or improve the appearance of your smile. Treatments like crowns and bridges are easier to perform with gingival recontouring.

Traditional cosmetic contouring treatments have now been replaced with advanced, non-invasive laser tissue recontouring. By using a dental laser, your dentist can gently remove tissue in a comfortable manner that takes only a few minutes. In fact, using laser tissue recontouring on your entire mouth takes no more than about 15 minutes.

Because the treatment is non-invasive, there is essentially no recovery time needed whatsoever. From the moment the therapy is completed, you’ll be able to return to normal activities without any tissue irritation or discomfort. The results are instant, with no side effects or inflammation associated with the procedure.

You should consider laser tissue contouring if:

•           You have had moderate to severe areas of gum disease

•           Teeth appear short, with excess gum tissue showing when you smile

•           There is excessive tissue around crowns or bridges, causing irritation

•           A tooth needs dental treatment like a crown, but there is not enough tooth visible above the gums

•           You have uneven gum tissue visible when you smile

The short procedure can easily be worked into any treatment appointment, or during a time that is convenient for your schedule. Ask your dentist about whether or not non-invasive tissue recontouring is effective for your concerns, and enjoy the benefits of one of the most efficient, comfortable procedures available to dental patients.

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