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How Stress Can Affect Your Mouth

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Stress can make you lose sleep, get bags under your eyes, give you grey hair and simply just wear you down. It can also wreak havoc on your smile! People undergoing serious levels of stress may unconsciously cause severe wear and grinding to their teeth, making them break down or age prematurely. Tooth enamel can’t simply be grown back, so it’s important to stop excess tooth wear in its tracks.

Sometimes getting rid of the stress isn’t an option. Perhaps we’ve had a death in the family, are battling a chronic illness, or are experiencing a major lifetime event that will simply take time to get through. Instead, we treat the symptoms of our stress as a way to comfortably get through the day or prevent other health complications. One of the ways we do this with our teeth is by using a professionally fitted bite guard to prevent the teeth from wearing each other down excessively.

A custom-fitted guard is made  by your Cartersville Dentists to gently hug the teeth and stay in place unless it is purposely removed. Both day and nighttime guards exist, and vary in size and shapes depending on the type of tooth wear or grinding that you’re experiencing. Daytime guards are smaller and allow you to talk while wearing them, but night guards are larger and better to sleep in. Both types of guars help reposition your TMJ so that the joint does not excessively tighten, causing headaches or muscle pain. This also prevents the teeth from coming into immediate contact with each other, thus causing enamel wear or breakage.

If you’re experiencing a major lifetime or stressful event, and have noticed jaw pain, headaches, or sore jaws, then its time to ask your dentist about a preventive bite guard!

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