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Family Dentistry

While there has been a trend to take children to see pediatric dentists, many families are coming to realize that family dental practices work much better for them. Family dentists provides dental care for every member of a family. Parents and children can make appointments back to back for convenience, a relationship is developed between family members and the dentist, and continued care is experienced regularly.  

Family dental care practices offer comprehensive dental services to all family members. Family members receive dental cleanings and check ups, including dental X-rays, as well as other more specific treatment that varies by family member. Many parents are happy to have a family dental practice to go to because it makes dental appointments easier on them. Instead of driving around all over town from one dentist to another, all members of their family go to the same practice. This consistency also allows younger children to develop a comfort level with going to the dentist. They see Mom and Dad and older siblings going for regular dental visits, and they grow up understanding that is just what is normal.

Family dentistry allows every member of your family to feel welcomed and to receive a personalized dental care with focused attention. The relationship built between dentist and patient is essential to a family dental practice, and that the goal is to promote optimal oral health to all family members. Call your family dental practice to set up an appointment to begin a convenient and personalized relationship for your family members.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Eberhard, Mockingbird Dental Associates


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