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How CAT Scan Technology Improves Implant Treatments

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Traditionally, dental implants were placed using 2-dimensional dental x-rays along with a complex visual examination. Now your dentist has access to state-of-the-art CAT scan technology to streamline the process and make it even more successful than ever before.

CAT scan equipment allows your dentist to create a virtual 3D representation of your oral anatomy, including your jaws. Using this information, your implant dentist can pinpoint exactly where the most desirable location is for your implants to be placed. This eliminates the need for procedures like bone grafts and sinus lifts while maximizing the healthy bone levels that you already have.

Another benefit of implementing CAT scanning into your implant placement process is the fact that it reduces the length of your recovery time and discomfort. Using computer aided placement techniques, there is less human error and a greater success rate of the treatment as a whole.

If another dentist has told you that implants aren’t an option for you, then it’s worth your time to see an implant dentist that offers CAT scan technology in their practice. Thanks to this advanced imaging technique, many people are now finding that they are now candidates for implants when they never were before.

Reduce your recovery time. Enjoy a shorter treatment procedure. Give yourself permanent teeth for the rest of your life. Dental implants can do all of this and so much more. Replace one, two, or even all of your teeth with implants with options like crowns, bridges, or fixed dentures. Which one is right for you? Call your dentist today to find out more about the process.

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