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Three Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can get in the way of your favorite foods, activities, or even smiling when the weather is cool. Here are 3 ways your dentist can help you manage or reverse tooth sensitivity.

Have Your Dentist Apply a Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish prevents tooth decay, but it also acts as an active desensitizer for as long as 3 months after each application. Varnish has a very sticky texture which blocks the pores of the teeth, sealing off the sensory tissues that interpret temperature change. The varnish is simply brushed over your teeth after a professional cleaning and stays in place for several hours to remineralize enamel as well as flow into the pore openings. 

Consider Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is similar to tooth colored fillings and can be applied over exposed root surfaces to protect them. This acts as an active barrier to stimulants as well as improving aesthetics. Bonding is ideal when you have mild gum recession or toothbrush abrasion from aggressive scrub-brushing. 

Gingival Grafting for Severe Recession

Severe gum recession will compromise the stability of your teeth and greatly affect the appearance of your smile. Gum grafting covers these areas to firmly secure your teeth in place and reduce the visual impact of gum disease. Grafts typically come from tissue in another part of your mouth, donor site, or donor tissue that is available for this treatment. 

If your tooth sensitivity is related to sweets, heat, or pressure, then there might be something else wrong. See your dentist for an exam and x-rays to screen for underlying conditions like tooth decay or gum disease.

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