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Why You Might Need an “FMR”

FMR stands for full mouth restoration, reconstruction, or even rehabilitation, depending on who you ask. Whatever you call it, FMR treatment has one ultimate goal: getting your mouth back to functioning in a healthy manner.

Here are some situations in which you may need to have FMR.

Cancer and Trauma

Oral cancer comes in many forms and can necessitate removal of a portion of the jaw. To restore your smile, you may need implants, bone and gum grafts, or dental prosthetics. The same is true if you experience a serious injury.

Years of Dental Neglect

There are many reasons people neglect their smile: fear of dentists, substance abuse, lack of funds. Even some eating disorders can wreck teeth in a matter of months. If your teeth haven’t been seen by a dentist in ten years or more, there’s a chance you’ll have quite a bit of work to restore them.

Severe Periodontal Disease

When gum disease ravages a smile, it leaves behind deformed bone, bad breath, receding gums, and missing teeth. You may need a lot of periodontal therapy to rebuild your smile after a bout with chronic periodontal disease.

Developmental Defect

Some people are so unfortunate as to never have known a comfortable smile. A bite discrepancy could make it difficult for children to speak and eat properly and can also affect tooth alignment. If you were born with a “bad bite,” then you may be a candidate for restoration that includes jaw alignment surgery.

Teeth Grinding Habit (Bruxism)

Severe teeth grinding can result in: lost enamel, fractured and loose teeth, and severe gum recession.

Ask your dentist about an FMR if you’ve experienced any of these situations.

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Will My Insurance Cover an FMR?

“FMR” is the term used to describe full mouth reconstruction or restoration. Your dentist or oral surgeon may plan out a series of treatments that make up one plan with the aim of rebuilding your smile as a whole.

It’s not necessarily an optional procedure. You get an FMR because your health and circumstances demand it. While many patients opt for a smile makeover to enhance their appearance, an FMR has very different goals.

Before you start planning your procedures, you want to know how much insurance will pick up.

What Insurance May Cover

If damage to your smile has resulted in:

  • Difficulty eating
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Chronic pain

Then treatment is medically-necessary and urgent. Fortunately, this is the sort of treatment your insurance company should do well at covering. What is less certain is whether they will cover procedures that have purely cosmetic value.

What Should You Do?

Take the initiative to find out what your insurance benefits are. Don’t let those guidelines dictate the treatment you accept, however. Your dental office may be able to request an estimate of coverage for a procedure that isn’t clearly stated.

Visit your dentist for an examination to start planning your FMR. He or she will help you prioritize care so that the biggest issues are addressed first. Getting your mouth to a point where you can speak, smile, and eat comfortably is the first step. Later on, you can plan for other procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile and decide whether those are worth paying out-of-pocket for.

You may be surprised to learn how many treatments have overlapping medical and cosmetic benefits, making you eligible for insurance coverage. Ask your dentist for more information on planning an FMR.

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What a Full Mouth Restoration Could Mean for You

Do you know the difference between a full mouth restoration and a smile makeover?  Completely rebuilding a smile has to do with far more than just looks alone.

Purpose of an Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction or restoration (FMR) restores function that you lost. It’s basically just rebuilding your mouth so that you can use it comfortably once again.

Your smile may be suffering the effects of:

  • Extreme enamel wear
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Cancer
  • Trauma

Benefits of Renewing Your Smile

You might say that you don’t mind how your smile looks, but the issue goes way beyond just appearances. By taking the time and effort to recreate your original smile, you’ll be able to enjoy eating all the foods you love.

You might even find that the way you speak will be vastly different once you’ve replaced missing teeth. Most noticeably, your jaw will one day close together in a comfortable and natural bite. Restoring your whole mouth will save the shape of your smile.

What’s Involved

Each case is unique. Some patients need more help than others and not everyone needs the same procedures.

Most full mouth restoration procedures follow a basic pattern:

  1. Eliminating disease
  2. Stabilizing teeth
  3. Correcting the bite (possibly with braces) and replacing missing teeth
  4. Addressing cosmetic concerns such as the color of your teeth

If your smile is getting in the way you nourish your body and interact with others, then you need to plan an full mouth reconstruction. It’s not just about having a beautiful smile – it’s about having one that works! Ask your dentist about how to get started.

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Will Insurance Cover a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Has your smile been wrecked by an accident, cancer, or some other extensive disease? It could be difficult at the least and impossible at the worst for your mouth to function. Eating and speaking could be challenging as you’re in constant pain.

Your smile needs more than a mere cosmetic makeover – it needs a full mouth reconstruction.

Rehabilitation. Restoration. Different terms with the same meaning and abbreviation: FMR. You might need a lot of costly treatment to get your mouth working comfortably, again. Is there any way your insurance can help out?

What Insurance Might Cover

Insurance companies generally provide for the medically-necessary procedures in an FMR. You might be covered for things like:

  • Surgery to correct your bite
  • Tooth extraction
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Root canal treatment

These treatments are necessary for getting rid of infection and helping your mouth function so that you can eat nutritious foods.

Familiarize yourself with the benefits your insurance provides so that you know what treatments you can take care of right away.

How to Afford an FMR

Shop around for an office in network with your insurance provider. Look into that office’s payment options for things not fully covered by insurance. They may offer a payment plan, third-party financing, or discounts.

Create a list of the cosmetic treatments you would like to include in your FMR treatment. Aim to take care of one small procedure each year as you are able to afford it. The cosmetic aspect isn’t as important as the functional and restorative treatments that return your bite’s function, but sometimes the two go hand in hand.

Contact your local dentist for an assessment to get an idea of how to plan your FMR.

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Candidates for Full Mouth Reconstruction

What exactly is a full mouth reconstruction (FMR) and who should have one?

It’s important to understand the difference between an FMR and any other smile makeover because this could affect your own smile goals. A smile makeover will change the way you view your smile. An FMR will change the way you view your entire life!

FMR – Who Needs It?

Also called full mouth restoration, an FMR process embraces a series of procedures to correct:

  • TMJ problems
  • Severely damaged teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Jaw/bone irregularities from trauma
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Rampant gum disease
  • A lot of broken and aged dental restorations

These problems aren’t just aesthetic concerns; they can interfere with normal processes like eating and speaking. The goal of an FMR is to combine and coordinate any treatment necessary for helping get your smile back to where it used to be.

Virtually anyone with such problems is a candidate for FMR!

The Expected Outcomes

Full mouth reconstructions are meant to give you a new lease on life. With a fully restored smile, you’ll be able to talk and eat as you haven’t done in a long time. Your smile will probably even take a few years off of you, that’s how good you’ll look and feel!

Every patient who has an FMR has different needs and so all the results will differ. But one thing is for certain: a full mouth reconstruction changes the life of each person who has one!

Whether caused by disease, trauma, or years of wear, your smile is likely a prime candidate for an FMR. Talk with your dentist about how to begin the journey of rebuilding all the elements of your smile.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction – Is It Worth It?

To clarify, a full-mouth reconstruction is NOT the same as a smile makeover! A smile makeover is usually just a couple of cosmetic procedures that improve the look of your smile.

But if you have a bigger problem, then you’re going to need more than just a little cosmetic help.

What’s Involved?

Whether your mouth has been affected by a disease, such as rampant tooth decay, the effects are damaging and permanent. Normal activities like talking and eating become a lot harder when you have multiple missing or damaged teeth.

A full-mouth reconstruction is a project for your smile. Anything and everything that needs to be done to restore your bite is planned out from start to finish. Procedures may include:

  • Gum surgery
  • Bone grafting
  • Tooth extractions
  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Dental implants

Make a Plan and Be Committed

When you decide to rebuild your smile, you should be committed to following through. Not planning in advance would make the project pointless. Leaving it half done is just as bad as never beginning at all.

Start by finding a dental care provider who will help see you through every step until you reach your goal. Both patient and dentist have to be committed!

The Benefits

With your mouth rebuilt, you’ll be able to smile without fear and chew without difficulty. Imagine how nice it would feel to brush your teeth like normal instead of removing a denture for cleaning every day!

A full-mouth reconstruction is worth every effort, as long as you are dedicated to seeing it through. Your quality of life will improve dramatically. Contact your dentist for more details on how a full-mouth reconstruction could change your life.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction – Do It Right the First Time!

Having full-mouth reconstruction is a pretty big deal. The damage done by cancer, decay, or an accident may mean reconstruction is your next step. Make sure it’s done right the first time and you’ll save a lot of time, worry, and money.

What is a Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Your mouth may have suffered damage that affects its function. Full-mouth reconstruction is basically a plan for repairing your entire bite’s form and function. The procedures and techniques included in the process can include various phases of treatment like:

  • Multiple dental crowns, bridges, and fillings
  • Implant therapy
  • Surgical reconstruction of bone and/or soft tissue
  • Periodontal (gum) treatment

Finding the Right Providers

Find a dentist who is available to take on your case. Depending on your reconstructive needs, you might have to visit multiple specialists. Before any work can be done, your treatment needs should be carefully prioritized and mapped out to meet your long-term goals.

Not every dentist is equipped to take on such cases. Be patient as you search. It never hurts to visit with a 2nd or 3rd dentist to get their opinions. You don’t want to have to redo your treatment later on.

Prepare to Commit

A full-mouth reconstruction case is quite a commitment. It takes a lot of time and coordination; so good preparation is crucial to make this project a success. Plan ahead, because lack of preparation may mean having to stop halfway through your treatment. Your dentist will give you a customized care plan that outlines the entire process, number of visits, and the investments involved.

Are you ready to start rebuilding your smile from the ground up? Contact your dentist today to begin assessing your needs and create a plan that works for you.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction – Know Your Priorities!

Have you given any thought to having a full-mouth reconstruction? What constitutes essentially “reconstructing” your mouth?

If you’ve suffered from anything like:

  • Trauma to your jaw
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Multiple decayed or missing teeth
  • Oral cancer

…then you are likely a candidate for full-mouth reconstruction.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Priorities

Reconstructing your smile first and foremost begins with halting the advance of any disease. You can’t build a new house on a crumbling foundation! If your smile has been devastated by a bacterial infection such as cavities or gum disease, then you need to get that infection under control.

The next priority is restoring healthy and comfortable function to your mouth. This aspect varies depending upon your individual needs. Perhaps orthodontic treatment is necessary to bring your bite into even alignment. Oral surgery on damaged bone, implant therapy, or tooth extractions can help restore the function of your bite. Root canals and restorative work will ensure that your teeth are comfortable and protected.

The last priority is making your smile pretty! This is not the most fundamental step, but it is an important one. After you have the health and function of your smile stabilized, it’s time to make it look like one you want to show off. Cosmetic treatments such as dental bonding, veneers, and whitening could give your grin that perfect finishing touch.

Planning to Reconstruct Your Smile

It’s not enough to simply mask major problems behind a smile that appears bright and clean. Your smile’s health and beauty depend on a solid foundation. Letting a significant problem with your smile persist will only allow it to worsen. Don’t wait any longer! Contact your dentist to schedule a smile evaluation.

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Is it Possible to Rebuild an Entire Smile?

Losing all (or most of) your teeth to decay and disease can be extremely overwhelming. Not only does it impact your comfort and appearance – but it also changes the way you feel about yourself. The confidence that a beautiful, healthy smile give is irreplaceable. Is it possible to build it up again in a way that restores both confidence as well as function? Yes!

Full mouth rehabilitation is a process that is specifically formulated to the individual needs and goals of each patient. It involves a combination of various types of restorative options, considering the timeframe and budget that the patient has in mind.

For instance, your dentist may recommend removing any remaining teeth and replacing everything with a set of implant-retained dentures. In many cases, only 4 or 6 implants are necessary to support a full arch denture. If implants aren’t an option, then a removable prosthesis might be preferred.

If you still have several structurally sound teeth, your dentist can use them as anchors to support other ones. As an example, it may be an option top place multiple bridges throughout the mouth, replacing missing teeth and restoring the teeth that are left. Individual porcelain crowns can cover independent, weak teeth that can’t withstand normal use anymore.

Creating a treatment plan for full mouth rehabilitation involves phases of treatment. Pace yourself appropriately. Do you want an instant, fast change – or do you prefer to work more slowly and tackle one thing at a time? Whatever your needs are, your dentist will adjust your rehabilitation treatment accordingly.

It’s never too late to enjoy a brand new smile!

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Full Mouth Reconstruction – What Is It?

Whether the result of gum disease, decay, oral cancer, injury, or simply genetics, you may not like seeing your smile in photos. Even simple functions like eating and talking may be difficult and even painful.

Often referred to as “FMR,” full mouth reconstruction is the project of bringing your damaged smile back to a state of health, functionality, and beauty that matches or exceeds what you had before.

Included in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rebuilding your mouth can include a variety of elements. The ultimate goal is to address every need at different stages by carefully mapping out the treatment priorities. The health of your entire body is taken into consideration when planning a restoration.

A full mouth restoration may include treatments such as:

  • Restorative Procedures
  • Implants
  • Oral surgery
  • Gum therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Bite adjustment

Who Is Responsible?

Most likely, your general dentist will not provide all the procedures you need. You may end up visiting an orthodontist, a periodontist, an oral surgeon, or an endodontist. These professionals will work closely with your dentist as a team to restore your mouth to its intended level of functionality and beauty.

Different From a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is something you could easily design for yourself. The primary difference is that a makeover is a process you elect to do, while a smile reconstruction is something you have to do to bring your mouth back to a healthy state. Your smile reconstruction may very well include cosmetic aspects. The priority, however, is getting rid of signs of disease and rebuilding the missing elements.

Are you ready to make a huge change in your life? Full mouth reconstruction could be exactly what you need! Call your local dentist to start designing the smile of your dreams.

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