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What is Restorative Dentistry?

General dentistry is pretty much the same thing as “restorative” dentistry. If you visit a general dentist, you will find a variety of restorative procedures are available in a family-friendly atmosphere.

To “restore” something means to bring it back to it’s former function and design. Whether it’s a piano, antique book, piece of vintage clothing, or a smile, restoration can work wonders.

When you suffer from a tooth fracture or cavity, your mouth just doesn’t work the way it used to. You may have trouble chewing. Constant pain could interfere with sleep. Gaps may collect pieces of food. Teeth might start shifting out of alignment.

The goal of restorative dentistry is to fill in those empty spaces, cure sore spots, get rid of disease, and strengthen your bite. Basically, whatever it takes to get you smiling again!

Here are some examples of restorative dental treatment options you can choose from.


Cavities are excavated and filled in with a metal or resin-based material.


A dental crown or “cap” is ideal for a tooth with extensive damage. It replaces the entire outer layer of enamel.

Indirect Restorations

Inlays and onlays are made outside the mouth and fit neatly inside prepared teeth.

Full And Partial Dentures

Sometimes, teeth do need to be replaced altogether.


Dental implants are the most permanent option for replacing lost teeth.

You will also hear of “cosmetic” dentists. Cosmetic dentistry places a focus on enhancing the appearance of your smile even if there’s nothing bothering you. Your general dentist can provide cosmetic treatments as well (veneers or whitening, for example.)

Schedule an appointment and ask about what you can do to keep your smile strong, comfortable, and gorgeous.

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3 Reasons Why You Deserve a Beautiful Smile

There are more benefits to cosmetic dental treatment than you might realize.

Here are a few less-conventional reasons on why you should give it a try:

  1. Cosmetic Enhancement Can Boost Your Energy

We tend to get used to what we see in the mirror. It’s easy to believe that we don’t need to change anything about our appearance when we’re settled in a job, a routine, a relationship.

In reality, making a little change will spice up your life. It could motivate you to make bigger changes such as in your diet or exercise routine. A beautiful smile gives you the incentive to keep it bright and healthy through a great oral hygiene routine.

  1. You Can Indulge Guilt-Free

Do you find it hard to justify spending money on cosmetic enhancement?

If you put aside a tiny portion each week, no matter how small, it will eventually add up. It’s much easier to save something for yourself a little bit at a time rather than impulsively spend a large amount all at once.

Whether you use what you’ve squirreled away for a new hairstyle or just a little teeth whitening, you don’t need to feel selfish. Mom and dad need some pampering, too! Cosmetic dentistry can last longer than any cut, color, or manicure.

  1. Smiling is Good for You!

The act of smiling itself releases endorphins and reduces cortisol levels. This means more happy feelings and less stress, and who of us doesn’t want that?

Simply knowing your smile looks great will give you a reason to share it! Your increased positivity will help you and others around you feel more relaxed.

What are your smile goals? Ask your dentist which cosmetic treatments are right for you.

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Are All Smile Makeovers Expensive?

Have you been considering a smile makeover? If you have, there’s something you should know: not all smile makeovers are created equal. In fact, each one is very, very different.

Your smile makeover will be customized to your individual smile needs. That includes your budget. If you’re looking for a dazzling smile that looks like you just walked out of Hollywood – no problem. If you need to enhance the color and shape of your natural teeth on a budget – that is also doable.

When you visit your dentist for a smile makeover, you will discuss how you want your new smile to look. What aspects do you want to change? Which are more important than others? Your dentist will review your options with you – including everything from affordable teeth whitening to dramatic porcelain veneers.

It’s true – you can plan your smile makeover tooth by tooth or with budget friendly approach. You might just be surprised at how affordable it can be to transform the way your smile looks.

If you need intensive rehabilitation for your new smile, your dentist will provide financing options for you to choose from. That way you can make affordable monthly payments that fit your budget.

You owe it to yourself to consider a cosmetic smile makeover. When you feel proud of the way your teeth look, you will gain an entirely new level of self-confidence. Investing in a smile makeover can benefit your career, your social life, and the way you feel about yourself.

Get a customized smile makeover plan from your dentist today! You might just be surprised to find out how easy and affordable it can really be.

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Why You Should See a Cosmetic Dentist for Your Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns offer long-lasting results that strengthen your smile and enhance the way it looks. Unfortunately, they can also make your smile look worse if they aren’t designed correctly. A poorly designed porcelain crown may cause gum inflammation, a grey line along your gums, or even be a different color from the rest of your teeth. That’s why you should talk to a cosmetic dentist before investing in cosmetic restorative treatments like a porcelain crown.

What Makes a Cosmetic Dentist Different?

Cosmetic dentists are dental artists; they have the skills and expertise that is needed when it comes to crafting beautiful restorations that not only function, they also look great. When you’ve found a cosmetic dentist, you’ve found someone that can create a porcelain crown that will look as close to a real tooth as possible. 

Everyone is Going to Notice

When you have a porcelain crown, everyone is going to know one of two things: one, you have a fake porcelain crown; or two, you have beautiful teeth. Which one do you want people to see when they see your smile? A cosmetic dentist can complete your crown treatment and help your smile look even better than it did before. No one will know that you have a fake tooth that doesn’t blend in with your smile.

Make Your Investment Count

Full coverage crowns aren’t the most affordable dental treatment – they require a moderate investment to protect your tooth and keep your mouth healthy. That investment should last for several years! If you’re going to have a porcelain crown made, you want it made the right way the first time, rather being unhappy with an unsightly one for several years.

Have you been told that you need a porcelain crown? Call your cosmetic dentist to find out about affordable treatments that will make you feel better about your smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is seen by many dentists as a “dental facelift” that can quickly reverse the natural aging process of the teeth. Some people choose to have a cosmetic dental procedure because they simply want to look younger, and a bright white smile definitely promotes the look of youth. However, many people have unattractive teeth that cause them to feel self conscious. For many, how they feel about their teeth and their smiles often causes them to hide their true personality. They tend to “hide” away behind closed lips or hands at their mouths giving them a standoffish manner.

Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry, there is a wide variety of treatment options for people who wish to enhance their smiles. Veneers are custom made wafers that are placed of the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers can be used to close the gaps between teeth, hide stains, chips, and imperfections.

Tooth whitening remains the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. It involves the use of peroxide-based materials that remove stains from the enamel of the teeth. Tooth whitening is a simple procedure that can be done in a dentist’s office or at home that provides almost immediate cosmetic results.

Tooth colored fillings can make a substantial improvement in the appearance of the teeth. Using resin to fill the teeth instead of metal, the teeth can keep their natural white appearance.

There are many other options available in the realm of cosmetic dentistry. If you are concerned with the appearance of your teeth, talk to your dental care provider about what options are available that would be used to enhance the appearance of your smile so that you are proud to show it off.  

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The Science of a Smile

Did you know that smiles are scientifically proven to draw people closer to other people? No matter how old or young, a great smile can make you more attractive. There are bright smiles, sweet smiles, scary smiles and stunning smiles. A smile is usually the first thing people notice about other people. In a recent study by Wrigley Gum, both men and women believed that a nice smile makes people more attractive than makeup or anything else.

A smile is a social cue and it can mean many things. A smile can say “I’m sorry”, it can welcome someone, it can say “thank you”, “I love you”, “yes” and so much more. A smile can signal to someone else that it is okay to approach and start a conversation. Whether we realize it or not, subconsciously everyone reacts to a smile.

If you are single, it may be good to know that people will judge you by your smile. USA Today posted a survey of 5,000 singles and 58% of men and 71% of women judge the opposite sex by their teeth and smile.

Single or married, young or old, a nice smile simply eludes self confidence. Do you have a smile that you are proud of? Do you love to flash your pearly whites to greet people each day? If you don’t love your smile, it may be time to do something about it. Cosmetic dentistry offers a number of ways to defy science and make the imperfect perfect. Ask your dentist for a smile consultation to investigate small (or large) cosmetic dental procedures that can help improve your smile. The future can be bright with a beautiful white smile!

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Choosing Between Composite and Porcelain Materials for Your Veneers and Crowns

Cosmetic dental procedures have come a long way. Many of the materials that are now used by your Alexandria cosmetic dentists can be so closely matched to your tooth enamel that they characteristics are not very distinguishable. That being said, there are still some types of dental materials that are better for certain types of treatment than others may be. Two of the primary materials used in fabricating dental crowns or veneers are composite resin and porcelain. What separates these two from one another, and how do you select which type of material to use when you’re investing in dental care?

Porcelain material creates some of the most natural looking dental restorations possible. The translucent qualities of porcelain make it appear similar in coloration to tooth enamel. Due to this reason, porcelain is ideal for placing several crowns or veneers on the front teeth that will be seen on a regular basis by other people. Unfortunately, porcelain is more fragile than some other types of materials, which contraindicates its use on the back molar teeth.

Composite resin is more durable than porcelain. This makes it an ideal material to use for posterior crowns such as those on molars, because it can bear a heavier load without chipping like porcelain. However, composite isn’t always the best choice for anterior restorations (especially if there are several of them), unless they are small and few in number, because resin doesn’t quite recreate your anatomical qualities such as translucency very well.

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How to Select A Cosmetic Dentist

The field of dentistry in general, and cosmetic dentistry in particular, is changing rapidly today due to technological advances in procedures and materials. Improvements in whitening procedures, tooth restorations, and smile correction or enhancements are but a few areas on the cutting edge of technology. With this in mind, how can you be confident in choosing a cosmetic dentist that can best meet your individual needs?

It may take a bit of personal commitment and wherewithal to ensure that you get the most from your future dental investment. First of all, you can contact the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) to find out if your dental professional has continued to pursue education in the latest technological advancements. Be sure to check on your dentist’s credentials and membership organizations. Your family doctor or regular dentist may be willing to refer you to a good cosmetic dentist.

Check with your friends or coworkers if some have had recent dental restorative work performed. If you already have a specific procedure in mind, you could schedule a consultation to determine if your dentist has experience in that particular area. Ask your dentist for recommendations or photos of other patients who have had similar procedures. Don’t be timid about asking your dental professional about the quality of his dental lab.

Following these procedures will help you feel confident that your cosmetic dentist has the skill, experience and expertise to accomplish your goals for that winning smile. Cosmetic dentistry today is reasonably affordable so don’t compromise on quality of materials or workmanship for lower costs. Your dental health and wellbeing is worth the time and effort to ensure you the most benefit from your cosmetic dental professional.

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Almost Anyone Can Afford Cosmetic Dental Care

Having a beautiful smile doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Cosmetic dentistry can deliver the treatments you need, in a way that improves the way your smile looks. From whitening to tooth colored fillings, most of these treatments don’t cost much more than the traditional dental care that you’ve already been getting.

Replacing old, worn silver fillings with beautiful composite restorations can transform your smile. Each tooth colored filling is carefully matched to the shade of your natural tooth enamel. The end result looks as if your tooth never had a filling to begin with. Similar to fillings are composite bondings. Bonding is typically used on the front teeth to correct minor discrepancies like gaps, chipped or broken teeth, and discolorations. They are very simple to apply and can be done in just one visit. Selecting bonding to correct the appearance of one or two teeth can be an economical option over more dramatic treatments like porcelain veneers.

Whitening your teeth can make them look years younger. Over time, the pores in our tooth enamel will collect stains and discoloration from food and drinks we consume each day. Tobacco users have an even deeper set stain, which can add years to their smile. Professional teeth whitening at your dentist’s office or professional whitening kits dispensed by your dentist are the most effective ways to remove deep set stain from your teeth, causing them to look years younger. While a professional kit is a slightly larger investment than a store-bought teeth whitening kit, you will see much better, more even results with a teeth whitening kit from your dentist.

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