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Invisalign or Six Month Smiles – Which Is Right for You?

Cosmetic orthodontic treatment is becoming more and more popular among teens and adults of all ages. If you’re ready to enjoy an improved smile today, then it’s time to talk with your dentist about the orthodontic options available to you.

To start with, consider how two popular orthodontic therapies – Invisalign and Six Month Smiles – compare with each other.

When Do You Want Results?

One big difference between Invisalign and Six Month Smiles is how treatment lasts. Invisalign can take over a year to give you results. As the name implies, Six Month Smiles takes an average of six months. You could see results in as few as four months or as much as eight, depending on your case.

What Results Do You Want?

Six Month Smiles addresses the front teeth. If your goal is to quickly fix only the teeth that show when you smile, then Six Month Smiles will likely get the job done.

Invisalign is the better choice if you want to adjust all of your teeth. It takes a little more time, but it’s more comprehensive.

Aesthetics and Maintenance

Six Month Smiles have actual brackets that are cemented to your teeth and held together with a wire. Brushing and flossing around braces can be a bit of a chore.

Invisalign tends to be easier to care for. Your removable trays clean easily outside the mouth and allow you to eat whatever you want. Invisalign is also less noticeable than braces.

The best way to decide on the teeth straightening procedure that’s right for your smile is to talk with your local dentist. A straighter and younger looking smile is just one consultation away!

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Cosmetic Teeth Straightening – It’s Worth It!

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Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, Fast Braces,…

You may have heard such procedures mentioned before. These treatments are typically presented as braces ‘for adults.’ Cosmetic orthodontia is something that is offered to patients who want to straighten out their teeth just to improve the appearance of their smile.

Do you feel such dental procedures are worth the time and expense? Consider a few areas in which many patients have reported benefits from cosmetic teeth straightening.

Gain Confidence and Earn Respect

Have you ever cringed at a photo of your smile? Perhaps some tooth crowding, overlapping, or gaps have you somewhat self-conscious about your smile. A little orthodontic help can easily smooth out your smile and boost your confidence in yourself. When others see how your self-respect moves you to care for your smile, they won’t be able to help but take you seriously, as well.

Health Benefits to Your Smile

Straightening your teeth even for cosmetic reasons could bring along some benefits to your oral health. For example, crowded teeth collect tartar, stain, and harmful bacteria much more quickly than straight ones do. So straightening your teeth could actually be lowering your chances for problems like cavities and gum disease.

Smile More and Feel Better!

Studies have proven that the act of smiling in itself (even if you don’t think you have a reason) has a good effect on a person’s mood and outlook. When you know that your smile looks fantastic, showing it off will become a habit.

Who knows? You could very well look like and, in fact, be a much happier person after trying out cosmetic orthodontia! Talk with your local dentist to learn more about the options available in your area.

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How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

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Invisible Braces can give you an invaluable smile! Patients are given a new lease on life when they experience the benefits of a beautiful, straight smile. But just what price do you put on this smile?

Pricing for invisible braces such as the Invisalign procedure is highly variable. The cost of invisible braces depends upon a couple of factors.


Cost can depend upon the economy of the area in which you are seeking treatment. Some offices need to charge more to keep up with the expense of running a dental practice in a given demography. The price you are quoted for invisible braces is in proportion with other expenses of the area you choose to go for treatment.

The Complexity of Your Case

After your bite is assessed for necessary changes, the recommended treatment with the invisible braces trays is determined based upon how complicated your case is. Some individuals require more time with the trays to get the desired results. Others need for more specialized changes to be made to the trays so that their teeth can be comfortably brought into proper alignment. These factors will affect the quoted price for the full treatment.

A Savings, In the End

Invisible braces can revolutionize your smile, changing the way you form relationships, secure new jobs, and close successful business deals. These returns in life are what make your new smile absolutely priceless. Additionally, invisible braces do not require as many office visits as regular braces do, saving you time, and as many say, “time is money!”

Invisible braces typically costs about the same as regular braces. However, people generally find that the benefits of choosing invisible braces over traditional braces make it the far more cost-effective option. To learn more about how invisible braces can help you, ask your dentist for a personalized consultation.

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Cosmetic Tooth Alignment for Adults

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Do you have minor crowding or crooked teeth at the front of your smile? If you do – then it might be worth it to look into minor tooth alignment options! These modernized forms of orthodontics make it easy for adults to enjoy straighter smiles without the lengthy treatments or appliances used in traditional braces.

Traditional braces focus on moving and realigning all of the teeth in your mouth. Cosmetic braces are used to adjust the alignment of only the front teeth, which are typically addressed at the every end of conventional treatments. This way, you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of orthodontic therapy without focusing on the areas that are not important to you.

By directing the entire treatment toward the position of the front teeth, patients see faster results in their teeth straightening process without waiting months or years. Depending on the severity of the tooth movement needs, some patients complete their treatment in as few as 6 months. You can get a better idea of your treatment timeframe during your private evaluation.

Are they safe? Absolutely. The entire process is simplified because it focuses on only moving the front teeth. It won’t harm your other teeth whatsoever, or be too drastic for the health of the ones being aligned.

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Creating Even, Straighter Smiles Without Braces

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If you’ve always wanted a straighter smile but didn’t want to spend the time necessary to do it with braces – there are other options available! In just a few simple steps, your dentist can help you create a straighter, brighter, even smile that boosts your self-confidence. Here are just a few ways you can make it possible:

Straighter Teeth With Veneers

Dental veneers can give you the most dramatic results of straighter, whiter teeth without any other type of treatment. Since veneers are bonded over the front surface of your tooth, it recreates the appearance of a perfectly sized, straight tooth. Place them side-by-side across your entire smile for dramatic effects. 

Even Teeth with Recontouring

Recontouring is the smoothing of tooth shapes and edges, or adjusting the gumlines along the necks of the teeth. This process is relatively simple and provides quick results. From smoothing out the bumpy edges of your biting surfaces (called “mamelons”) to making teeth look even against one another, recontouring can typically be done without any anesthesia or pain. Gum recontouring can be performed with a laser or surgically. Laser gum recontouring doesn’t require any recover time and produces little discomfort. 

Smoother Edges with Bonding

Some tooth edges can simply be smoothed, while others actually need length added to them. Composite bonding creates an appropriate size and length of tooth simply by being applied to your natural enamel. All bonding is color-matched to resemble the shade of the tooth around it and takes only about an hour or less to complete.

Ask your dentist which type of cosmetic dental option is most appropriate for you and enjoy a straighter smile in no time!

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The Straightest Teeth Possible – Without Braces

Is it possible to have straighter looking teeth without having to wear braces? It may sound too good to be true, but when it comes to high quality cosmetic dentistry – it isn’t! Your cosmetic dentist can help you have a smile that looks straighter and whiter in just a few visits.

How? Cosmetic dentistry is an art. It uses restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to correct the appearance of teeth when there is a discrepancy or need for improvement. These procedures vary from tooth to tooth, but the overall result gives you that Hollywood Smile that you’ve always dreamed about – Especially when it comes to straighter teeth without braces.

Dental veneers are an excellent way to improve everything about your smile. From the color and shape of your tooth to the spacing patterns – veneers are like an instant makeover for your teeth – even if they are crooked. When teeth are crowded or crooked, what hides behind the veneer doesn’t matter. What matters is the way the veneer makes your tooth look from someone else’s perspective. Placing several veneers side-by-side over individual teeth creates the illusion that you have a brand new set of teeth, giving you an entirely new, straight, perfect smile.

Choose what you want your smile to look like when you choose veneers. Your dentist can show you what options are available to give you a straight smile that also looks healthy and natural. After your consultation and impression, only a couple of visits at most are needed to complete the makeover process. Ask your dentist for an estimate on dental veneers today!

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Cosmetic Teeth Straightening

Straighter looking teeth don’t mean that you have to spend years in braces. In fact, you might consider asking your dentist about cosmetic teeth straightening! What is cosmetic teeth straightening? It’s like having braces, but only for your front teeth! Cosmetic straightening helps correct some front teeth that have:

  • Crowding
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Irregular bites
  • Overbites

Shorter Treatment Times

Using orthodontics such as clear aligners, tooth colored braces or self-litigating brackets, your dentist can straighten your teeth using cosmetic approaches. But that isn’t all; the treatment time is much shorter. Why? – Because you’re only straightening the teeth in the front of your mouth. Since the back teeth don’t need to be adjusted, the results are faster. In fact, many people find that they can have their front teeth straightened in just 6 months. Some are completed even sooner.

Straightforward Effects

Since cosmetic straightening only addresses certain teeth, you’ll see results much quicker. Within just a couple of months you will already begin to notice significant changes in your smile as your teeth become aligned. As soon as your front teeth are in their desired positions, the orthodontics are discontinued and you are given a retainer to help you maintain tooth spacing. That way your results can last for years.

Cosmetic teeth straightening does not impact the relationship of your back teeth. Because of this, it isn’t right for everyone. Your dentist can perform a short exam to assess your bite patterns; aesthetic needs and determine which options are best for you. Enjoy quick results and comfortable options for a more beautiful smile. Schedule your bite analysis today!

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