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True Cost of Sedation Dentistry

Many people who have heard about the benefits of sedation dentistry are reluctant to make an appointment because they believe that it will be too expensive.

It is a common misconception about sedation dentistry that it costs more than ordinary dentistry.  The reality is that sedation dentistry can save you money in the long run.

One way that sedation dentistry can save you money is that because sedation dentistry patients are so much more relaxed, your dentist can often complete your dental work in just one visit.  Had you gone to an ordinary dentist, it may have taken two, three, or more visits to complete the same work.  With sedation dentistry, you only pay for one visit but with ordinary dentistry you might have to pay for several visits.

In addition, with sedation dentistry the patient only has to miss work or other important activities  and arrange for child care once rather than two, three or more times.  The patient who visits the sedation dentist only has to make one trip to and from the dentist for the work to be done, and only has to recover one time.

Finally, sedation dentistry can save you money because some people who are too anxious to go to an ordinary dentist find that they have no problem visiting a sedation dental practice.  For these people, sedation dentistry saves money because they get ongoing dental care to keep their teeth healthy that they otherwise would not get.  Without low anxiety sedation dentistry, these patients would eventually be facing very expensive dental repair work because their dental health had been neglected.

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