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Try a Crown in a Day!

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Gone are the days of waiting for weeks to get your new dental crown. Many dental offices are providing these restorations within a single visit. Is a same day crown right for you?

Crown In A Day – How?

CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology is an up-and-coming field in dentistry.

Dental practices are investing in technology that allows dentists to scan a tooth, virtually design a restoration, and mill it out in an on-site machine. All of this can happen in a single appointment.

In lieu of taking a messy impression of your prepared tooth, your dentist will simply take a picture with a special camera. The resulting virtual image becomes the template for designing your crown.

The milling machine hews a strong crown or bridge right out of a solid piece of ceramic. Your dentist will add the finishing touches, check the fit, and cement in place right then and there. No need for messing with a temporary!

Keep In Mind . . .

A single-visit crown is a great invention because of how much time you save. However, it tends to lack the handmade look of traditional porcelain crowns. That’s because the classic method allows master dental lab technicians to fine-tune the details. They know how to make a false tooth look just like a real one and they prepare it differently from the way the machine does.

You may prefer to have a crown for a front tooth designed the old-fashioned way, such as if it’s a tooth that will always be visible when you smile.

But bridges and crowns for your back teeth are no problem with CAD-CAM!

Talk with your dentist to find out what restorative options are right for your smile.

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Is A CEREC Crown A Good Choice?

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CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

CEREC represents a method for providing dental crowns quickly and comfortably. Dentists who offer these crowns are able to give their patients the option of getting a “crown in a day.”

What CEREC Crowns Are Like

The CEREC system utilizes computer technology for designing and producing a complete restoration. From an onlay to a crown or even a bridge, this machine can do the job. Digital scans allow the dentist to manipulate and customize your restoration right there in the office.

Next, a machine hews the crown out of a solid block of ceramic according to the dentist’s specifications. This porcelain is color-matched to your other teeth. No worries about having a snow-white fake-looking smile! The dentist polishes and glazes the restoration and attaches it to your prepared tooth.

The best part? You don’t have to leave the office and come back later. All of this can be done within a couple of hours. Crown in a day!

Why Choose a Same Day Crown

Single-day crowns are preferable for those who just can’t afford to miss multiple days of work for crown fitting appointments. Getting your crown in one day eliminates the need for a temporary prosthesis. If you need an adjustment, you get it done right there before you leave.

One drawback is simply that these crowns are less detailed than those that are handmade in a dental lab. CEREC crowns are beautiful and strong, perfectly suited to your back chewing teeth. When it comes to details in front teeth like translucency, it’s ideal to leave that to the lab.

Is CEREC technology available where you live? Call your dentist for more information.

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