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5 Reasons to Get a Professional Athletic Mouthguard

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Why is a professional mouth guard better than the classic boil-and-bite?

  1. It’s Going to Feel Better.

Most athletic mouth guards found in the local drugstore are ok, but they aren’t easy to wear. It can even be hard to breathe through all that bulk, meaning that you don’t wear it at all.

  1. It’s Going to Work Better.

A customized fit puts the cushioning right on the teeth where it’s needed. It also stays put when you need it to. A custom athletic mouth guard can even protect you from a brain injury such as a concussion.

  1. It Lasts Longer.

Getting a mouthguard through your dentist is a smart investment that will give you the most “bang for your buck.” The quality materials won’t wear out or break like a store bought guard does. Store it properly in a case, like you would a retainer!

  1. It Provides More Customization.

Do you have braces? A misaligned bite? When a dental professional assesses your smile to create an athletic mouth guard, he or she will take all your unique features into consideration, so that it fits great and protects the best way possible. Your dentist might even be able to customize it with special colors or designs for your sports team.

  1. It Will Get Used More.

If a mouth guard fits perfectly, it’s not a pain to wear. Bulky OTC guards are annoying. Kids in particular are prone to “forgetting” to wear their mouthguards during sports because they hate the feel. If your child is okay with the fit of his or her guard, then they’re more prone to wearing it.

Interested in the high-quality protection of a professionally-made sports mouthguard? A consultation at your local dental office will help you stay in the game. Contact your dentist for the details.

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Common Dental Emergencies You’ll See This Summer

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Did you know that summer time is when more dentists and emergency rooms see dental emergencies and facial injuries? It should come as no surprise…after all, kids are out of school and recreational activities like soccer, baseball, and jumping on the trampoline are in full force.

Here are some of the most common emergencies you should be aware of (and what to do if one affects your family!)

Knocked Out (Avulsed) Teeth

Completely knocked out teeth can be scary. The key is to act fast. Find the tooth, rinse it off (without scrubbing it) and if possible, put it back into the socket. Hold it steady and get to your dentist’s office immediately. 

Chipped or Broken Teeth

A chipped tooth may be scarier than it is painful, depending on the size of the fracture. When possible, find any tooth fragments and put them in a cup of water or milk; your dentist may be able to bond them back into place. 

Lip Lacerations

When something like a ball or elbow hits your mouth, your teeth can cut right into your lips. Something like this can be stitched up at either an ER or your dentist’s office. 


A blow to the jaw can create reverb that leads to a concussion. Wearing a custom athletic mouthguard can help you or your child greatly reduce the chance of a concussion (not to mention lip lacerations and broken teeth) during a traumatic injury. Ask us how!

Call your dentist right away to get attentive care and fast pain relief. The quicker you get attention, the better chance you have to save your tooth and prevent a potential infection.

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Play It Safe With A Customized Mouthguard

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Do you have a sports enthusiast in the family? When you’re suiting up to hit the court or the field, protective equipment is a must. It might surprise you, but adequate dental protection is often overlooked – and it’s just as important. How? An athletic mouthguard can…

  • Prevent tooth loss, damage or dislocation
  • Act as a protective buffer for the gum, lips and tongue
  • Minimize your risk of concussion

… and it’s much cheaper than a dental emergency!

You Get What You Pay For

While an over-the-counter athletic guard may seem like an economical and convenient alternative, it’s not. You’re unique, and so is your smile. A “one size fits all” appliance, and even popular “boil and bite” options, are bulky and fit poorly. When it comes to athletic mouthguards, a snug, precise fit is important to best protect the teeth in case of injury.

You don’t want a guard that slips down on the job or is so uncomfortable that it distracts you from your game. Not only that, poor fit can interfere with talking and breathing – and nobody wants that in the middle of the game. It can even get knocked out, exposing you to a secondary injury.

It might surprise you to find that a customized athletic mouthguard can improve your game. Often times, our patients gain a boost of confidence, knowing that their smile is protected. After all, having a worry-free smile allows you to put your mind on what’s important – playing harder!

Stay In The Game 

Don’t take an unintended timeout for an unexpected broken tooth. Call your dentist today and ask about protecting your smile with a customized athletic mouthguard!

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Sports Guards for Kids: Why Your Child Athlete Needs One

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More and more kids are playing sports and trying to maintain active lifestyles.  A downside to your child being athletic is that they run the potential of a sports-related injury. The good news is that some mouth and head injuries can be prevented if your child wears a sports guard while they are participating in their activity.

What are some reasons why your athletic child should wear a sports guard during sport activities?

  • Prevents teeth from being knocked out
  • May help to prevent a concussion
  • Can prevent injuries to your child’s jaw
  • Prevent your child’s teeth from chipping or cracking
  • Protects soft tissues inside your child’s mouth

What kind of sports guard should your child wear?

There are three different options for mouth guards.  The first two options are the stock mouth protector (the least expensive option and they are a “one size fits all” guard) and the boil and bite mouth guard (heat them and then they form around your teeth).  Both of these options are less expensive and they offer very little protection, if any, to your child’s teeth and jaw from injuries. Dentists do not recommend these types of sports guards, because they easily fall out or fail to protect the teeth adequately.

Third, is the Custom-fitted sports guard.  Dentists recommend these because they offer the most protection and comfort.  These are made in your child’s dental office or sent off to a dental laboratory to specifically fit your child’s teeth. Although they require a bit more of an investment, they provide much better results.

Are you interested in getting your child athlete a sports guard?  Call your child’s dentist to schedule a sports guard consultation today!

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Prevent Concussions with a Trip to the Dentist

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Are you an athlete? Does your child play baseball or soccer? Perhaps you’ve heard about how important it is to wear a mouthguard during active or contact sports, but did you know that it could do more than just potentially save your smile? Custom fitted mouth guards have long been used to protect against broken and chipped teeth but most people are completely shocked to hear what else a custom guard protects against: concussions.

That’s right! A properly fitted, professionally made mouthguard can prevent concussions from happening during a sporting related accident. How? Because the thick acrylic of the guard prevents the mandible from impacting itself into the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) during a traumatic injury. In turn, this also prevents the skull from absorbing any excess shock from forces caused by the mandible being jolted back.

A properly fitted mouthguard will stay in place comfortably whether you are talking, rehydrating or actively moving around. It should not pop in and out of place when opening or closing your mouth. Your dentist can create a customized guard as easily as taking an impression of your mouth. Made of smooth, comfortable acrylic – the guard doesn’t become distracting from the focus you need on the game.

Not all mouthguards are created the same. A custom designed guard will fit in place securely, preventing it from coming out during an accident or injury and also protecting from subsequent trauma. Over the counter guards can’t do that, and most people find them too uncomfortable to even keep in during their entire activity. If you are serious about having a safer athletic experience, talk to your dentist today about having a custom guard made.

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Three Reasons Why Custom Sports Guards Are Better For Your Smile

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You already know it’s important to protect your teeth when you play sports, but do you know why it’s better to invest in a professionally fitted guard made by your dentist? There are several significant reasons why a custom fitted mouth guard is more effective than an over the counter guard, and could mean the difference when it comes to saving your smile.

They can help prevent concussions.

The unique fabrication and design of a professional mouth guard made by a dentist can help prevent concussions during an athletic related accident. That’s right, not only do they protect your teeth, they also protect the rest of you! That’s because their design prevents the jawbone from being able to force itself further into the skull if an accident occurs. 

They won’t come out during an accident, preventing secondary trauma.

A loosely fitted stock guard can fall out during a punch or hit, and when the athlete falls to the ground or has a secondary trauma just a fraction of a second later, they can still suffer from damage. The secure fit of a custom guard will keep it in place until you physically remove it on purpose. 

They’re more comfortable to wear (and you’ll keep them in the whole time.)

How many times have you seen athletes taking out their guards because they’re too bulky to talk with, drink water, or they’re just annoying to wear? A professionally fitted guard is securely molded to the teeth, making it easier to breathe, rehydrate, and even talk to your teammates without ever having to take it out.

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Protect Your Kid’s Teeth During Sports

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Baseball, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer – what do they all have in common? They are contact sports. As a parent, do you know what the most important piece of equipment is for your child to be using? It’s a mouth guard! And the reason is because that mouth guard will protect they’re precious teeth. There are several different types of mouth guard ranging from $5 to $100.

Here are the most common ones with a brief description about them in no particular order:

  • Stock – The stock mouth guard are the ones you can pick up just about anywhere. They typically come in only small, medium, or large. And they range between $5-$10. This particular guard will do the job however; you child might complain that it’s not very comfortable to wear.
  • Boil and Bite – The boil and bite guards can be found at most sport stores. These are semi-customizable because you boil them to make the plastic soft then bite into them to mold your teeth. This mouth guard can cost anywhere from $15-$30.
  • Custom – Custom mouthguards are made in the dental or orthodontist office. This is the most expensive of all mouth guards. Typically ranges from $40-$100 depending on your particular dental office. This mouth guard will fit your child absolutely perfectly and the material used is very durable. Once your child is over 15 years old a customized mouth guard will last for as long as it’s needed.

Custom mouth guards offer the best protection, greatest comfort and longest durability, but all of the different types of mouth guards offer some level of protection.   You should take into consideration how long the guard is needed and how much money you want to spend. That will help you to make a decision.

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Athletic Mouthguards

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Today children, as well as adults, are very active in sports ranging from soccer to martial arts.  In many cases some of these sports are not even classified as contact sports, but incidental contact takes place anyway.  As a result, it has been estimated that in excess of 5 million teeth are lost every year as a result of sports.  The American Dental Association estimates that the proper use of athletic mouthguards could prevent approximately 200,000 oral injuries per year.  Individuals now can have a custom athletic mouthguard made quickly and economically in a couple of painless visits to the dentist’s office.

The dentist will initially make an impression of your teeth, which is a quick and painless process.  The impression is then sent to a qualified dental laboratory, where a dental lab technician will create the athletic mouthguard based upon the teeth impressions.  Once the athletic mouthguard is completed, which usually takes a week to ten days, it is sent back to the dentist, who will make minor adjustments if necessary to make sure that it fits properly.

While many athletic stores offer athletic mouthguards, they are not custom fit and often do not provide suitable protection, because they typically require the athlete to be clenching their teeth.  As any athlete knows, it is not possible to clench you’re your teeth when engaged in athletics, as the athlete is often is breathing heavily out of their mouth.  A custom athletic mouthguard will stay in place at all times even with your mouth open.  This allows the custom athletic mouthguard to offer maximum protection!

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