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The Truth About Dental Implant Allergies

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The majority of dental implants are made with a non-magnetic metal called titanium. Like many other patients, you may be worried about your chances of being allergic to dental implants.

Facts About Titanium

Titanium may be too soft to comprise an implant by itself

Titanium is usually combined with other biocompatible metals in an alloy

Metals used in an alloy (like nickel) are usually the one responsible for a reaction

A true titanium allergy is very rare. Rather than itching and redness, signs of a reaction include:

  • chronic fatigue
  • migraine
  • confusion
  • mental fogginess

Talk with your dentist before getting an implant if you suspect you may have a true titanium allergy.

When You Suffer an Implant Reaction

What if you do notice unusual signs after your implant is placed?

When your procedure is done by an experienced professional, you don’t need to worry about improper technique. A failed implant is a sign that your body isn’t healing properly. That’s why it’s imperative that you follow your dentist’s instructions exactly when it comes to the recovery process. Additionally, your body and gums need to be healthy and ready to accept an implant at the time of the surgery.

What if you’re just noticing some swelling years after you got your implant?

Your issue may come down to how well you’re cleaning your teeth. Even though an implant is not a natural tooth, it can still acquire plaque which triggers an infection in the gums and bone around the implant.

If you are concerned about your implant or have questions about getting one, contact your dentist for more information.

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