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5 Common Denture Problems…and Solutions

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If you’re a denture wearer, then chances are you can relate to at least one of these common denture issues!

Fortunately if you do, there’s something you can do to resolve them.

Problem: Dentures slip and slide when you try to talk.

Solution: Practice, practice, practice! Practice speaking out loud when you’re in the privacy of your home. This will help you gain confidence for those tricky social situations.

Problem: Gum sores from denture irritation.

Solution: Your denture is likely too loose or ill-fitting. A denture adhesive (used sparingly) can help it stay in place. Eventually, you will need to have your denture adjusted or relined by your dentist.

Problem: Difficulty eating.

Solution: Cut your food into smaller-than-usual bites. Reach for softer things like chicken salad rather than steak, or applesauce as opposed to a whole apple. Like speaking, eating with dentures is another task that requires practice to master.

Problem: Bad breath.

Solution: Take a look at your denture hygiene. Are you removing your denture every night for a soak? Do you clean your denture daily? Remember to care for your mouth, too. Brush your tongue to remove smelly bacteria and use a rinse prescribed by a dentist to reduce odor. Staying hydrated is also key to fresh breath with dentures.

Problem: Stained teeth.

Solution: Most people want a bright white smile, even if it’s with false teeth. Keep your denture very clean to prevent stain buildup before it starts. Give it a rinse after drinking dark beverages like tea and coffee. Visit your dentist regularly for a professional denture cleanings to remove tartar.

Have other questions or concerns about your denture? Contact your dentist for more information on denture care and maintaining your oral health.

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Dentures You Don’t Have to Remove for Cleaning

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Are you sick of scrubbing and soaking your denture every day? Now, you’ve got some options such as implant-supported dentures that will free you up to live more spontaneously.

Benefits of Implant Technology

There’s no tooth replacement technique that quite measures up to your natural teeth. Dental implants do come pretty close, however.

Regular dentures have to fit snugly over your gums in order to stay in place. Over time, the direct contact between your denture and your mouth will put pressure on the underlying bone. Eventually, your mouth will change shape and your denture will no longer fit.

Having implants to support your denture will change your life because they:

  • Promote bone growth instead of bone loss
  • Give you strength for chewing
  • Preserve the shape of your smile
  • Permanently anchor your denture, eliminating the need for cleaning and adhesives.

You have a couple of reliable options for non-removable dentures:

Option 1: Implant-Supported Denture

Also simply known as a hybrid denture, this appliance rests securely on at least four sturdy dental implants. You won’t have to worry about your denture going far, at all. Your dentist will remove the denture for special cleanings at your checkup appointments.

Option 2: Implant-Supported Bridge

A fixed implant bridge is the lighter and more breathable option. It doesn’t cover as much gum tissue or the roof of your mouth the way traditional dentures do. This bridge needs multiple implants to secure it. Your dentist or hygienist will show you how to clean under it.

Thanks to these implant-anchored dentures, you can say goodbye to denture cleansers and adhesives forever. Contact your dentist today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your treatment options.

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