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At What Age Can Someone Have a Dental Implant?

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Nobody likes to go without a missing tooth, especially teenagers. A common question that parents and teens ask is “how old does someone have to be to get a dental implant?” This is a great question, because dental implants are now regarded to be the treatment of choice when it comes to tooth replacement. Making the best investment in the future of your child’s smile is important, because you want it to last for a long time to come.

They key to determining if a child is ready for implant placement is at what stage their oral and facial features are in the maturation process. There must be enough mature bone growth for an implant to be placed, and the facial features should be completely developed before delivering a long-term treatment like an implant. For most people, 18 years of age is a safe time to complete such a treatment. At this point, most people have physically stopped growing and will continue to mature at the same size, meaning jaws will no longer grow and immediate oral features should remain the same (excluding wisdom tooth development.)

Waiting until they are 18 isn’t something that teens usually like to hear, but thankfully there are high quality temporary prosthesis that can be used to maintain the space and replace the appearance of a tooth before a more permanent option can be completed. Flippers, a removable acrylic prosthesis similar to a retainer are a common approach used, especially when a front tooth is missing.

With just a little bit of patience, teens and their parents can have successful implant placements that will last years to come.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Brett Gluck, DMD, MS, PC

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