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Athletic Mouthguards

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Today children, as well as adults, are very active in sports ranging from soccer to martial arts.  In many cases some of these sports are not even classified as contact sports, but incidental contact takes place anyway.  As a result, it has been estimated that in excess of 5 million teeth are lost every year as a result of sports.  The American Dental Association estimates that the proper use of athletic mouthguards could prevent approximately 200,000 oral injuries per year.  Individuals now can have a custom athletic mouthguard made quickly and economically in a couple of painless visits to the dentist’s office.

The dentist will initially make an impression of your teeth, which is a quick and painless process.  The impression is then sent to a qualified dental laboratory, where a dental lab technician will create the athletic mouthguard based upon the teeth impressions.  Once the athletic mouthguard is completed, which usually takes a week to ten days, it is sent back to the dentist, who will make minor adjustments if necessary to make sure that it fits properly.

While many athletic stores offer athletic mouthguards, they are not custom fit and often do not provide suitable protection, because they typically require the athlete to be clenching their teeth.  As any athlete knows, it is not possible to clench you’re your teeth when engaged in athletics, as the athlete is often is breathing heavily out of their mouth.  A custom athletic mouthguard will stay in place at all times even with your mouth open.  This allows the custom athletic mouthguard to offer maximum protection!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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