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Why Get Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance might seem like an unnecessary inconvenience. Why should you at least look into dental plan options that fit your needs?

Ultimately, it comes down to three big benefits…

  1. When You Need It, You’ll Be Glad It’s There!

Right now, paying for an occasional exam, x-ray, or cleaning out-of-pocket might seem cheaper than the yearly insurance premium. But sooner or later, one of your fillings could fail and you’ll need a root canal. A freak accident could knock a tooth out.

Life happens, and chances are good that one day you will desperately want that dental coverage after all.

  1. You Can Avoid Dental Treatment Altogether By Using Preventive Benefits

Preventive dental treatments really do help you avoid diseases such as tooth decay and periodontitis.

Most dental plans provide great coverage for things like cleanings, x-rays, sealants, and fluoride. Simply because you’re already investing in the insurance, you’ll have more incentive to make use of these service.

  1. Dental Insurance Can Positively Impact Your Overall Health

When the insurance is there, you won’t face as much indecision over whether to get treatment or not. It’s easy to postpone dental care when you don’t have a way to cover a portion of the cost.

By getting treatment when recommended, you can actually improve the quality of your overall health. Your mouth and the rest of your body are more closely connected than you may realize.

Dental Insurance . . . Through Your Dentist?

Many dentists offer some form of in-house savings plans that rivals other dental insurance programs. You get a much better rate, no middle-man hassle, and more straight-forward coverage.

Ask your dentist if this is available in your area.

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