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ProphyJet Air Polishing

Just about everyone loves having their teeth polished during their dental cleanings. Polishing helps remove stain, makes the teeth feel cleaner and removes left over plaque particles. But have you ever experienced air-powered polishing? When your hygienist uses a prophyjet to polish your teeth, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Easier removal of heavy stain deposits
  • Shorter appointments
  • Stain removal from hard-to-reach areas
  • Effective cleaning and polishing around orthodontic appliances

Prophyjets use a powdered solution that is gently blown over the surface of the teeth to lift even the heaviest of stain particles. There’s no need to use a rotary rubber cup polisher to attempt to rub off these stains. It’s perfect for people who don’t enjoy the experience of polishing or the taste of polishing paste. Air polishing is much gentler. The handpiece also warms the water solution so that as your mouth is rinsed it does not experience cold sensitivity.

Air polishing is safe to use on any of your teeth as well as around your fillings. It can help lift deep, set-in stains that have developed around grooves, pits or margins. It’s perfect to use around brackets, orthodontic wires and bonded retainers because it easily reaches all surfaces with the touch of a button. Orthodontic patients have probably never felt a better smile polish than when they’ve had their teeth cleaned with a prophyjet.

Are you curious about the prophyjet air polishing experience? If you have moderate to severe stain, were braces or crowding, then the prophyjet can dramatically improve your next dental cleaning. Ask your hygienist about having your teeth air polished during your next preventive visit!

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