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How Can I Get Rid of White Spots?

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Look at your smile. While our teeth are supposed to be generally the same color across their entire surface, changes in our health, oral hygiene, or even development can cause discolorations like white spots to occur. White spots are a common side effect of what happens if a small amount of plaque is left in an area for an extended period of time, but other factors may come into play as well. These scarred areas typically remain ad white spot discolorations for the remaining life of the tooth unless your dentist addresses it cosmetically.

Some patients get optimal results from a professional whitening treatment. Initially the white spot will lighten quicker than the surrounding enamel, but even out as the other enamel surfaces brighten in color.

Depending on the size and depth of the white spot lesion it might be possible to buff the area out, remineralize it, or cover it with a cosmetic restoration. Removing white spot lesions can be especially challenging and depending on the patient it can take one, two, or even three short appointments before you get the results that you really want. Your dentist can give you an idea of the remineralization treatment and what you can expect.

Cosmetic treatments like bonding or veneers can permanently cover a variety of lesions. They are made to match the surrounding enamel without anyone being able to tell that they are even there.

To help prevent white spots from happening, ask your dentist for a prescription strength fluoride and customized oral hygiene plan. Pinpointing areas of concern can limit your risk or help reverse the development of white spots when they first begin to form.

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