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You may be new to an area, or looking for a new dentist.  While looking, you may have noticed that there are two different credentials that many dentists have.  Some may be called ‘DDS’ while others are called ‘DMD’.  If you are interested in knowing this difference, reading this article could help straighten things out for you.

Both of these credentials indicate that the person you are interested in seeing attended an accredited dental school, with a curriculum that was approved by the American Dental Association.  After attending dental school, graduates are required to take and pass a national examination showing that they were qualified to practice dentistry in their local state or area.  They most also pass a state and regional clinical licensing exam to practice.

Most states also require continuing education for all dentists.  For a dentist to keep his or her license, they must attend a certain number of classes annually to make sure that they are aware of the latest techniques, skills, changes and requirements to practice safely.

Each dental school (regardless of type) requires a certain number of hours of dental education. Dental school is similar to medical school. Most applicants already hold a college undergraduate degree (usually a bachelor’s of science or similar degree) and then attend dental school.  If a dentist desires to specialize in prosthetics, orthodontics or oral surgery, additional training and time is required.

So, what is the difference?  Really, it is simply up to the school.  The degrees are the same, and the standards and examinations the same.  When looking for a qualified dentist, look for one who has a full license, and who fits your personality needs.

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