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Can You Whiten Your Denture Teeth?

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It only adds insult to injury when your replacement teeth start to stain and darken.

Even though you’re anxious to try anything to whiten your dentures, caution is needed.

The most common temptation is to use household cleaning chemicals to bleach false teeth or even to use denture products more than/longer than directed. But doing so can permanently damage your dentures or irritate your mouth.

The Best Way To Whiten Dentures

Start out by just giving your denture a thorough scrubbing. Use a denture brush and a mild hand soap or denture cleaner. Use firm but gently pressure when you scrub. Handle your appliance over a cushioned surface so that it won’t break if it slips out of your hand.

For some, all their dentures needed was a decent scrubbing. How does yours look now?

If you want even brighter results, soak your denture overnight in a specially formulated denture cleaner. There are products on the market specifically for lifting stain from dentures. At most, you’ll probably only need to soak your teeth in this once a week.

Need Something Stronger?

As an additional or supplementary step, try an at-home ultrasonic denture cleaner. This tends to be the most thorough way you can clean your denture, anyway. It’s the same technology used at your dental office and is the best and safest way to whiten your denture.

Keep your dentures bright by avoiding dark-colored foods, cleaning them regularly, and not using tobacco. Over time, stain buildup may prompt you to get a new set altogether. Talk with your dentist about your options for enjoying a whiter smile with dentures.

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Whitening Your Denture

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You’re not quite sure why or when it started. For some reason, you’ve lately noticed that the color of the teeth on your denture is rather disappointing. You’d love to have a whiter smile!

But how do you lighten your denture? You might have heard of tricks involving bleach and other harsh chemicals. In spite of the hype about using products like this, you need to be cautious. You can wind up permanently damaging your denture or harming your mouth.

Take a look at the following tips for keeping your smile as brilliant as possible.

Keep Your Denture White

The whitening trays, gels, rinses, and toothpastes you might have used on natural teeth won’t cut it on dentures. Why? Because they are made from materials which don’t behave like natural tooth enamel. Teeth whitening products bleach out or buff away stain from tooth pores, but not from acrylic.

Abrasive whitening agents can actually harm a denture. These can scratch up the teeth, making them dull and more likely to absorb stain. Teeth whitening isn’t effective on the acrylic!

Minimize stain on your denture by:

  • Soaking it daily
  • Brushing it with a sturdy denture brush
  • Avoiding foods with dark pigments

Get Professional Help

Your dentist is your best resource for denture health and beauty! Visiting the dental office for regular checkups will ensure a comfortable fit. A dental expert will give you the best recommendations for products to clean your denture with.

And in the end, you might have to commit to changing out the teeth on your denture altogether if you’re interested in a brand-new whiter smile. Talk with you dentist for suggestions.

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3 Common Denture Problems – and Their Solutions

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Are you a new denture patient or thinking about having dentures made? Maybe you haven’t had your dentures very long and are beginning to struggle with irritation or maintenance. If you are – here are 3 common denture problems that your dentist wants you to know about – and how to correct them.

Infections Under Your Prosthesis

If you don’t have any natural teeth, you might think that it isn’t important to clean inside of your mouth – but it is. Microorganisms can accumulate under your denture and cause painful infections along your gum tissue. Removing your dentures at night allows the tissues to breathe, but it’s also important to gently cleanse them with a soft cloth at least twice each day.

Loose Dentures

Advanced bone loss can cause your denture fit to become loose. Wearing your dentures non-stop and failing to remove them at night will cause bone degeneration to happen even more quickly. This can result in discomfort or shifting of your denture as you wear it. To preserve bone, make sure the dentures are taken out each and every night.

Stain Buildup

Dentures get stain and tartar buildup too. Soaking it in a denture cleansing solution overnight will loosen debris and stain. Choose a soft denture brush and cleaning paste to brush your prosthesis thoroughly each morning. Be sure to bring your denture with you for regular dental checkups, as your dentist or hygienist can remove any residual buildup for you at the time of your visit.

Be sure to schedule checkups every 6 months to monitor the fit of your denture and health of your smile!

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