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Denture Discomfort

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A properly fitting denture should be comfortable to wear without the use of denture adhesives. Discomfort or pain from your dentures is usually due to bacteria under your denture or from not wearing your denture properly.

Irregular wear of your dentures may not allow your mouth to become accustomed to the appliance, making it sore or irritating the tissues underneath. Wearing it each day and taking it out every night is the best way to prevent soreness or irritation. Prolonged wear may allow for the development of yeast infections and raw oral tissue on the roof of your mouth, as well as advanced bone loss due to constant pressure from the appliance.

Sometimes it is necessary for your dentist to adjust your newly made denture to eliminate any pressure spots. If a denture is old, your dentist may find that re-lining the denture will alleviate discomfort and create a proper seal against your mouth to keep it in place.

To prevent infections that cause discomfort, soak your dentures overnight in water or a denture cleaner to loosen any deposits on the appliance. In the morning, remove the denture and brush away any loose bacteria. Use a separate toothbrush for your dentures than you do for any remaining teeth. Use your other toothbrush to gently clean the roof of your mouth and gum tissue, which also adds stimulation to the area to promote blood circulation and bone health.

Denture patients should see their dentist regularly to monitor the stability of their appliance as well as screen for any oral health problems. Routine visits can eliminate the development of many problems and predict if and when a new set of dentures may be needed.

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