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Diagnodent Technology

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The Diagnodent is one of the more established technological devices that came into use in dentistry several years ago. It uses sonic wave technology with sound and visual detection to screen for cavities in the surface of tooth enamel. Diagnodent laser cavity detection devices are able to find areas of possible tooth decay earlier than traditional clinical methods that are used. While dental x-rays screen for larger areas that have decayed between the teeth, Diagnodents look into the deep grooves on the chewing surfaces to find areas that are in the early stages of decalcification. They do not identify areas between the teeth, and most x-rays won’t identify week areas in the chewing surface because not enough demineralization has occurred.

Your clinician can use the diagnodent to screen for possible weak areas of enamel or decay before the dentist comes into the room for your exam. This helps shorten your appointment length and save you valuable time. Diagnodents are categorized as a laser-screening device and is approved by the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug Administration for screening decay. Early detection is key for prevention and minimally invasive treatment, allowing any positively identified decay to be treated while it is very small, saving the natural structure of your teeth. If the area is small enough a dental sealant may even be adequate for preventative treatment in lieu of a dental filling.

Diagnodent devices are over 90% accurate in screening for weakened tooth enamel. When your dentist uses a Diagnodent, you know that areas so microscopically small that even a toothbrush bristle won’t fit into them are being evaluated for their health and preventive intervention.

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